Giving iBBQ a grilling

iBBQ services 5/5

FOOD: 4.5/5



Last weekend, our family attended a surprise 60th garden party for our uncle. We were especially excited as we knew iBBQ Services were catering. It was touch and go for a while, as when we woke up it seemed there was a big risk the weather would not fall our way. However, nothing could spoil the excitement; I had to grab my iBBQ hat-trick, (I knew the rain wouldn’t really be a deterrent given iBBQ are equipped with their own gazebo should the need arise). Like waiting for a London bus, having never tried iBBQ Services before May, this would now be our third iBBQ in as many months. (I also booked them for our pre-wedding event in May, as well as having the pleasure at a family Eid Party last month). 

To give you the full end to end review of iBBQ services, I will largely base the remainder of this review around my personal experience of booking iBBQ Services for our pre-wedding event, drawing on the more recent experiences occasionally where the menu differed. 

At a time where things were manic surrounding the wedding, it was a pleasure to deal with iBBQ services who made things really simple and easy for me giving me piece of mind that this particular pre-wedding event would go without a glitch. After a quick phone call enquiring about availability, I was promptly sent the full detail of the iBBQ menu and set menu options. These ranged from the basic package of £9 a head to the more elaborate £15 a head set menu. On this occasion I opted for the middle ground and chose the £11 per head set menu, consisting of specially marinated peri chicken, spicy hot wings, signature lamb chops, flame grilled burgers with cheese and caramelised onions as well as whole grilled sea bass fish. I then finalised the booking by putting down a £100 deposit and it was all done. About a week before the event, iBBQ got in touch to discuss specific timings and the agreed plan- it was clear that they were experts in their field and I had total confidence in their ability to cater for a large number of people in a timely manner. 

On the day, iBBQ services arrived on time, and took a lot of care in unloading the equipment from the van and setting up in the garden without impacting anything in the house. It took approximately 30 minutes to set up and light the bbq. From there on in, it took a mere 10-15 minutes for the aroma of the peri marinated chicken and spicy wings (all marinated by iBBQ services) to waft through the garden and into the house which drew the crowd out in anticipation. 

Spicy chicken wings

Thereafter, the juicy home marinated lamb chops were placed on the grill along with the burgers which took a further 10-15 minutes to cook. Being the groom, I was treated to a cheeky chop and chicken piece and a wing straight off the grill before the food was ready to be served. The peri chicken leg tasted great with the right amount of spice and peri flavour, it was moist and definitely hit the spot. I anticipated the wing to be similar, however I was pleasantly surprised to find the marinade was different from the peri chicken and instead had hint of honey which meant the wing had a sweet element to it. Without a doubt, the chops were the star of the show and were by some distance the best chops I’ve ever tasted. The marinade was amazingly tasty, the meat was succulent and overall the chops were well barbecued to the point I found myself chewing on the bone to get every last bit of the charcoal. With reference to the film ‘Friday’ , I now knew what they meant when they say ‘bbq taste so good- make you wanna slap yo mama’ and like a man with a severe narcotics addiction – I couldn’t wait for my next fix and had to ask for another (and another, and another!). The burgers were tasty with cheese and caramelised onions and my satisfaction level was growing with every bite. Finally, the sea bass was again scrumptiously marinated in home made spices and grilled to a golden crisp with the fish being melt in your mouth soft – it was definitely a hit with the crowd.

The best chops you’ll ever eat in your life

One of the most impressive aspects of iBBQ Services was their ability to cook all the items in a timely manner and serve all the food piping hot with minimal fuss. Their efficient use of time and organisation skills meant the crowd were not waiting around for food and the plentiful supply meant there was enough to go round – anybody wanting seconds would be served their desired item straight off the bbq which was a nice touch and they couldn’t have done more to ensure each guest was treated as if they were the most important person at the event. You may have been forgiven for thinking the idea was to get in, cook the food and get out but it was clear the ethos of iBBQ Services was to treat my guests as if they were their guests. When the food tastes that good, it was refreshing to see not a hint of complacency has crept in to their service and this remained throughout at all 3 of the events I have attended.

At the other 2 events I attended, I was able to sample additional menu items such as ribs, leg of lamb, chicken tikka and chicken breasts. Although popular with friends and family, ribs aren’t my thing as I find the effort required to eat them is greater than the fruits of your labour. On the other hand, the leg of lamb was roasted on the barbecue  within foil to perfection and when the foil was unwrapped there was a mob waiting to attack, reminiscent of a bunch of teenage girls at a 1D concert. As for the chicken tikka and chicken breasts – although tasty, I found them to be very similar to the peri chicken marinade so a word of caution would be to be careful not to pick too many similar types of chicken. 

Overall, I have to say I may just be iBBQ services biggest fan in every department. Whether it’s the reasonable price, the impeccable customer service, the exquisite food or the professionalism in their delivery -there isn’t one area of this business which I could pick on as an area in need of improvement.

If I’m being extremely picky, it’s a shame the minimum order for booking iBBQ Services would be for 50 guests, although I’m sure this isn’t definitive so it’s always worth a chat to understand how they could cater bespoke for your party size.

After giving iBBQ services a grilling multiple times, I’m on the lookout for the next excuse to throw/attend an event where iBBQ services could be the caterer – August bank holiday is a cause for celebration…right?

– Guest post by ShakerFries

iBBQ Services
Phone: 07949 069 936


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