Uptown Burger

Uptown Burger Co. 4/5

FOOD: 4/5




Note: Alcohol is not served on the premises. All meat is halal. 

Following ShakerFries’ endless rantings of Uptown Burger, Pakora, Adz, ShakerFries and I grabbed dinner there one Saturday evening. Uptown is a small eatery in Leyton, that has recently had a change of management. I’ll be honest, I was expecting nothing, especially when I walked into the tiny empty restaurant. The Decor was simple but the restaurant was clean, with red brickwork and an American Diner feel.  

I decided what I wanted within seconds of viewing the menu, although it took what felt like years for the waiter to take our order. I went for The Mississippi beef burger, topped with jerk sauce, mango and coriander, lime juice, jalapeños, cheese and yoghurt. ShakerFries chose the New Yorker, with ham, bacon, hot dog (x2 sausages), cheese and ketchup.  I was contemplating going for the ‘Muddy chips’ topped in chilli, but it sounded a bit heavy so I decided to be boring and order chunky chips. ShakerFries used our number to his full advantage to order 2 portions of Texan lamb chops and Frank’s wings.

The starters arrived reasonably promptly. The chops were not your standard lahore-style charred spicy chops, but instead were grilled to a perfect medium, and were coated in a sweetish BBQ sauce, allowing the meat to retain it’s juices and remain tender. I was enough of a fan to start chewing the bone after consuming all the meat. After some debate over what wings to order, since we ordered Texan chops, we opted for Frank’s chicken wings and I was taken aback at the spicy, tangy explosive taste in my mouth after the first bite. The chicken seemed to be coated in this mango and lime chilli sauce, and had a crisp, charred exterior surrounding the magnificently tender chicken within which I LOVED. I was already happy, and with the starters wetting my appetite, my HANGRIness was subsiding. I waited in anticipation for my burger.

I didn’t have to wait long, as moments after finishing the starters out it came, in all its glory, served on a wooden board with a generous portion crispy battered chunky chips. At this point if I said to my nearest and dearest that I finished my burger, that would be the end of the review as it’d be common knowledge that it wouldn’t have happened if it wasn’t AMAZING. For the rest of you, I’ll say that the brioche was soft, sweet and fluffy. The beef patty was a little overcooked, but the meat was still surprisingly tender and juicy. The sauces however, made this burger for me. The jerk sauce with the zesty chilli taste from the lime and mango sauce and jalapeños, both complimented the coolness of the yoghurt. I savoured every bite.

Mississippi beef burger


I also had a bite of ShakerFries burger. I can’t say I was a fan of the ham but the sausage and..wait for it.. the CRISPY turkey bacon was definitely a tick in the box for me. It was really tasty, jus a tad too meaty for me though and I’m not sure I would have been able to finish the entire burger had I opted for that. 

The New Yorker

Overall, the service was fine, the value for money pretty outstanding (the bill came to £52 but we had the Halal Dining Card so paid £46 for 4 of us). I thought I was over burgers after visiting countless American diners during the ‘halal burger boom’… but Uptown has certainly reignited my love for them. 

Uptown Burger
Address466 High Rd Leyton, London E10 6QA
Website: http://uptownburger.co.uk 

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