My burger @ Burgeri

Burgeri 3/5

FOOD: 3/5




Note: Alcohol is not served on the premises. All meat is halal. 

Joining Chapati & Karak, another of Qatar’s favourite eateries, Burgeri, opened it’s first international branch on Great Malborough Street this Summer, in London’s buzzing Soho district. Originally established in Doha, Burgeri labels itself as a ‘vintage-theme gourmet burger house’, serving soft buns filled with Black Angus beef and cheese, and even the likes of Wagyu beef with tomato, pickles and mushroom sauce. If burgers don’t tickle your fancy, you can tuck in to a hot dog, or, if you’re feeling audacious, an avocado shake or creamy cherry mocktail may be more up your street. The recipe for the special Burgeri sauce remains a closely guarded secret, which works in their favour, as since its opening, Burgeri seems to be attracting the hungry masses.

The benefit of SA’s frequent work trips to London means we always get to try something new. Once SA mentioned Burgeri to me, I instantly knew where it was, as I had spotted it on our previous dinner date whilst walking to Stax. It was 5pm on a Tuesday afternoon and Burgeri was virtually empty. The friendly staff showed us to our booth and we took a minute to admire the contemporary industrial style decor. 

SA and I both instantly knew what we wanted after glancing at the burger options. It had to be the single B.majestic Wagyu beef burger with melted cheese, lettuce, tomato, pickles, onions and mushroom sauce. This burger was slightly pricer compared to the other single burgers and came in at £8.95. Despite my lack of hunger, I also ordered a portion of sweet potato fries with chilli mayo and a fresh lemon and mint juice. Having consumed an ‘energy’ ball for lunch (oh the joys of being a bride to be), SA was obviously ravenous and so went all out and also ordered sweet potato fries and an oreo milkshake.

The food arrived pretty sharpish, and I was instantly SO glad I ordered the extra sweet potato fries because the burger was pretty tiny. The burger bun was incredibly soft, the wagyu beef had a flavoursome crusty exterior with a smokey charred taste, and the pickles were sharp against the creaminess of the melted American cheese. The mushroom sauce had an original taste, setting this burger apart from some of the others I’ve tried previously. Overall, although it was tasty, I would still say that it didn’t bring anything remarkably original to the table in terms of strong original flavours. Furthermore, all this goodness came to an end in under 8 bites. Oh how I wish the burger was bigger… I’ve heard the black Angus burger is much more fulfilling, so I may opt for this next time. The sweet potato fries satisfied my appetite a bit more as the regular portion was a decent size, had a perfectly crisp batter, and accompanied my spicy mayo sauce perfectly. To round everything off the fresh lemon and mint juice quenched my thirst and was surprisingly sweet with just a hint of sourness, leaving you going ‘Aaaaaaaahhhh’ after every sip.

The bill came to £37, which I thought was a bit pricey for two small burgers and fries. That being said, we were in the heart of London, in a prime location, and this wasn’t your standard greasy fast-food joint. I wish the burger was a bit bigger/more filling, as I was left feeling content but not full. Overall my experience was good as the service was great, and I would say the food was a little above average. I would definitely try something else next time, but won’t be going out of my way to return here unless I was looking for a quick fix after an intense afternoon of shopping on Oxford Street. 

Address: 22 Great Marlborough St, London W1F 7HU
Phone:020 3597 3570


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