A round of applause for Band of Burgers

Band of Burgers 3/5

FOOD: 3/5


SERVICE: 3.5/5


Note: Alcohol is not served on the premises. All meat is halal.

Back we were at Brick Lane, this time to sample what the new kids on the block, Band of Burgers (B.O.B), had to offer. I can hear all you burger lovers screaming with joy. However, I’m a born sceptic, and considering my hit and miss experiences from all the previous burger joints (proper burgers, Stax, Boondocks etc.),  B.O.B had to do a lot to win me over. It was a weekday afternoon and so the restaurant was relatively empty when we stepped in at around 5.30pm. The decor was quite impressive, drawing in the retro, hipster, industrial theme from the streets of East London through  vintage props, some wild and wonderful graffiti, and a dim ambience. The restaurant itself encompassed an open dining experience, with reasonably lavish furnishings.

To continue our chicken wing obsession, we ordered a portion of honey and garlic chicken wings with sesame seeds to begin. I really wanted to order the 28 days aged black Angus sirloin steak, but ShakerFries quite rightly pointed out that we were in B.O.B… therefore steak should probably take a back seat on this occasion (plus we had already chomped our way through a lamb sirloin at Sahara just days before!). With that in mind we both ordered a ‘Signature Big Love Wagyu Burger’ each and a portion of sweet potato fries to share. 

The wings were meaty, piping hot and sweet with a little oriental kick, and the underlying chicken was succulent and tender. £5 for 4 wings. An okay price, although I wasn’t blown away.

Garlic & Honey Chicken Wings

Next onto the beautiful Wagyu burger, which was cooked to a perfectly juicy medium (yes they actually asked how well we wanted it cooked!), and was modestly seasoned (a bit too modestly for my liking). Although I have tried Wagyu beef before, this patty was incredibly thick and tender, and tasted different to the Wagyu burger which I had previously tried at Burgeri. The subtle flavours of the beef patty were complemented by the sweet caramelised red onion marmalade, maple glazed turkey bacon, and Monterey Jack cheese toppings, which made the burger and gave it a beautiful smokey aftertaste. All of this filling was encased in a beautifully soft artisan brioche bun, which may have been a tad too soft given that half way through my meal, my once carefully constructed burger started to erode into a crumbling saucy mess onto my board. Interestingly, our Wagyu burger was also accompanied by a side of crispy coated bone marrow with a soft jelly centre. It wasn’t completely to my taste but was a great idea all the same and definitely added a touch of novelty to this experience.

Wagyu Burger with sweet potato fries

Bonus points. The chef mistakenly thought that we ordered rosemary and thyme chips, so the waiter gave it to us on the house with an additional portion of sweet potato fries – great set of lads! I don’t recall the sweet potato fries being all that sweet although they were relatively crispy. I definitely think I enjoyed the rosemary and thyme chips more in the end. 

I had no problems overall, except for the messiness when it came to trying to consume the burger. The overall food taste was satisfying and the decor/service/accompanying marrow all added to the experience. Service was particularly efficient on this occasion, as all the staff were particularly friendly, welcoming, and helpful. In conclusion I would say that B.O.B adds a touch of novelty to the East End, and definitely stands out amongst the crowd. With its quirky urban decor, traffic lights and street signs, I think its fitting to give this diner the green light.

Band Of Burgers
Address: 22 Osborn Street, London, E1 6TD
Telephone:(0)20 7059 0224
Website: http://www.bandofburgers.co.uk

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