Rump N Ribs

Rump N Ribs 3/5

FOOD: 3.5/5




Note: All meat halal, No alcohol served on the premises

The thing about new years eve is that there’s this unspoken pressure about it. Pressure…to have a good time, pressure….for it to be epic, pressure…for the perfect meal in a nice place, pressure…to not be doing something insignificant when the clock strikes 12…pressure pressure pressure.  

New years eve is usually great – a time of year when Mrs. Plug and I have a long standing tradition. We venture up north and spend NYE in Manchester, then drive across to Liverpool on New Years day for the festive football. On this occasion, the pressure I’ve previously mentioned was greater than ever. The thoughtful guys over at Sky Sports decided to televise a football match at 5.30pm on NYE – which wouldn’t finish till 7.30pm. Add on another hour to get out of the car park traffic, then 45 minutes to get back over to Manchester and get to a restaurant – without any time to get changed or get ready for the evening. Sky Sports, great set of lads, that really earned me some brownie points with the Mrs – thanks for that.

So, given the pressure of NYE, coupled with the pressure of getting back to Manchester at a reasonable time for dinner, there was added pressure for Rump N Ribs to deliver on the goods – or I would be feeling the wrath of Mrs Plugs blood pressure.

After finding out the hard way that Manchester loves a ‘no right turn’ road sign, therefore requiring us to turn left 372 times – we eventually found parking and entered Rump N Ribs about 15 minutes before our booking time (when the Reds win, cars in Liverpool are always happy to give you way – well in lads). The place was brimming with couples, friends and families all patiently waiting to get their hands on their respective steaks. The crowd in Manchester is just different – all the girls are dressed like they are going to the Zee TV awards when they are just going the chippy. So anyway, we are clearly underdressed, air max 90’s, jeans and oh yeah a big red t-shirt  with a Standard Chartered logo and an emblem of a liverbird on it. Luckily for us, the restaurant didn’t take exception and we were seated at our allocated time. 

Rump N Ribs is a simple yet comfortable place – nothing amazing about the decor and no posh dim lights, but it has the aura of a friendly place. We ordered in no time, buffalo wings (£6.50) + buffalo ribs (£7.00) for starters along with 2 club steaks (£22.00) each. The feedback here is that there is a reason why the waitress in a normal restaurant usually repeats the order back to you. On this occasion, failure to do so led to us patiently waiting for our ribs to arrive to the point we had to enquire as to their whereabouts. The disappointing aspect of this is not only the fact that we went to ‘Rump N Ribs’ and didn’t get any ribs, but it was the explanation that really amused me – ‘ribs? oh erm, it’s not on the menu’…huh? but you are called ‘Rump N Ribs’???? ‘Yes, but I can’t find it on here’ the waitress explained. We gave up at this point – the manager came over , apologised and rightly explained the waitress forgot to add the ribs to our order. By this point we had had the buffalo wings anyway which didn’t really impress as they were actually bbq wings in disguise – nothing wrong with them, they tasted fine, but lets just say if this was a banking product I would be calling up the PPI guys claiming I had been miss-sold to. 

‘Buffalo’ wings and passion fruit mojito

A dodgy experience so far to say the least – the earlier mentioned pressure was building. Cometh the hour, cometh the man and the club steak stepped up like Stevie G has done so many times before and delivered a beauty. Both steaks were cooked exactly as we ordered (for those who have been caught napping it’s Medium for me and Medium rare for Mrs. Plug). The club steak is 14 oz piece of Sirloin on the bone aged for 28 days and it was very much a traditional textured taste. Tender, yet chewy and seasoned exceptionally. No hassle in cutting into it but enough chew for your mouth to allow you to savour every bite. I thought the bone would cause me a problem – but the taste of it encouraged me to persevere and get over the line (much like the reds had done a couple of hours earlier). The peppercorn gravy was also the perfect accompaniment. 

Club steak & chips with peppercorn gravy

Overall, the bill was approx £55 and we were out by 10.30, plenty of time to make it to the fireworks. Although it may seem like Rump N Ribs is hit and miss – one things for sure, they know how to cook a steak, and in true Ronseal style, I was content they did exactly what they said on the tin. Would I re-visit? yes, even if it’s to try the elusive ribs and have another go on the club steak. 

 Up the pressure handling reds!


Rump N Ribs
Tel: 0161 228 2284

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