Embracing the sugar rush – The Apple Blue Patisserie

The Apple Blue Patisserie 4.5/5

FOOD: 4.5/5



Note: All desserts are halal.

Shopping around for a wedding cake was one of the more gruelling parts of our wedding planning. For some reason the cakes tasted too sweet, sponges too dry, or just ridiculously priced.

We knew we wanted our wedding cake to fit our rustic vintage theme, which is when I became drawn to the ‘naked cake’ idea. Naked cakes have grown in popularity and have fast become a wedding dessert trend over the last couple of years, particularly in the US and Australia. Since ShakerFries and I wanted to deviate from the usual million tiered Asian wedding cake, and were not fond of cakes encased in a bundle of marzipan, this option was instantly appealing! The difficulty was now trying to find someone to put together our vision.

After hours trawling through Instagram cake posts looking at UK-based wedding cake specialists (I will hopefully never have to #cake #nakedcake #weddingcake ever again), I came across The Apple Blue Patisserie, a small independent patisserie in Norbury, South London, who seemed to have baked naked cakes previously. I didn’t recall having heard of them before, but miraculously, they happened to be a short drive from my house. Not only do they make bespoke wedding cakes, they also put together beautiful custom handmade celebration cakes, tempting cupcakes and luxurious looking dessert boxes. After explaining my idea of a ‘semi-naked’ pink floral themed cake and showing her a sketch, Sahdia at The Apple Blue Patisserie sent me a picture of a recent wedding cake she had baked which was similar to what we were after, along with quotes according to the number of tiers we wanted. I couldn’t contain my excitement when it dawned on me that our naked wedding cake concept could become a reality. Sahdia instantly also seemed enthusiastic about making our bespoke cake fantasy a reality, and so we arranged a taster session. 

The taster session costed £20, and we were informed that this would be taken off our total if we were to proceed with placing an order. For £20 we received a box full of delectable delights. This included macarons, a Victoria sponge cake piped with thick Swiss frosting and edible flowers, and cupcakes (The picture shown demonstrates whats left of what was an initially full box!). Our entire family was blown away by the soft, fluffy texture of the sponge cake, which coupled with the smooth swiss buttercream frosting, made the cakes taste heavenly. We were sold. 


After receiving a very reasonable quote for the wedding cake, I also opted to order a small macaron tower (35-40 macarons), which incorporated my mehndi colours (bright pink, teal, yellow/orange), as well as chosen flavours (raspberry, pistachio and dark chocolate), and made an excellent addition to my Moroccan themed mehndi dessert table. 

Our wedding cake was 5 tiers, encompassing 4, 6, 8, 10 & 12 inch tiers, including fresh flower and macaron décor (peonies and roses were provided by our decor company). Each tier contained vanilla sponge, white vanilla buttercream and raspberry compote/lemon curd  fillings on alternate tiers. For our cake decoration we opted for pastel pink raspberry macarons (as I have an ardent obsession for macarons), roses (pink, peach, cream) and baby’s-breath placed on each tier. 

The cake was large enough for 130 portions, and the package included delivery and set up of the cake on the day. To finish the look of our cake we opted for a beautiful rustic log stump cake stand and an additional 12″egg-less tray bake, plus egg-less mini cakes and a macaron tower. The overall package for everything on our mehndi and wedding day was excellent value for money as well as having the quality taste and look.

Our beautiful wedding cake

When throwing an Asian wedding reception, you feel obliged to go with the bigger, more established cake companies. At first we were nervous about opting for a smaller independent company to produce our wedding cake. However, it felt right, and so we bit the bullet. Our gut instincts paid off, as throughout the whole process, the service Sahdia provided was nothing short of exceptional. She completely put us at ease and we trusted her entirely throughout the entire process. A few weeks before our big day I asked Sahdia if she could make smaller egg-less cakes to accompany our main cake and she was more than accommodating. What’s more, is that since our wedding we’ve received countless compliments over the presentation and taste of our cake, which was a focal point of our reception. 

I was equally impressed with Apple Blue’s mixed dessert box which includes 9 desserts for £32, which at first seems a bit steep. These desserts however, were worth every penny as they were all of a sumptuous kind, the flavours were original, and they all tasted delicious. Some of my favourites included the passion fruit tart, assam and vanilla entreat and pistachio opera. 

Mixed dessert box

Recently we were also lucky enough to sample the delights of ShakerFries’ 30th birthday cake. This was a beautifully soft red velvet sponge covered in light and fluffy buttercream finished off with some beautiful blue designs and chocolate shards.

Overall, Apple Blue Patisserie consists of a small, dedicated team of independent cake-makers, who were happy to dedicate the time and effort required to do a great job – to say they pulled it out the bag would be an understatement! Their independent business status makes them unique and I felt happy to have been able to support them at such a local level. Overall, when planning a wedding, it is great to have personal touches included which helps make your day that much more special and meaningful, and Apple Blue with their bespoke design, friendliness, attention to detail and customer service made our cake and our day one to remember. From the the initial conceptualisation right down to the finishing touch..everything was perfect. If you feel inspired and have an innovative idea for your wedding cake, are looking for a decadent looking birthday cake, or just fancy treating yourself to a dessert of the finer variety, contact The Apple Blue Patisserie.

The Apple Blue Patisserie
Enquiries: hello@appleblue.co.uk
Phone: 07794677485

One thought on “Embracing the sugar rush – The Apple Blue Patisserie

  1. I can definitely feel the happiness in this post. Your wedding cake was beautiful too! I’m not a fan of naked cakes for weddings but this has shown me the possibilities. Masha Allah.

    May Allah bless your union!


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