A meaty encounter at Meathouse London

Meathouse London 3.5/5

FOOD: 3/5


SERVICE: 3.5/5



Much to my delight, Patty and Selma suggested a WAGs and lads evening of dining at Meathouse London, which had been on the review agenda for some time. Located a few mins walk from Angel and Kings Cross station, Shakerfries, Patty, Selma, Issa, Jugga and I arrived relatively promptly for our 7pm booking. The restaurant was bright and spacious, with decor which screamed upmarket British gastro pub (complete with a real bar with real booze – boo!) with its brick work and leather trim. It was surprisingly empty for a Friday evening, although this changed over the course of our meal. 

With enough mouths to formulate an extensive food review, we started to place our orders. I treated myself to an elderflower and pomegranate mocktail, and Selma followed suite with her MHL special mocktail: strawberry Chanel. Although beautifully presented, I was a little disappointed at the quantity and the size of the glass given that each cocktail was £5.50. That being said, I was satisfied with the fizzy sweet taste and my thirst was more than quenched. 

(Left) Pomegranate and Elderflower (Right) Strawberry Chanel Mocktails

For starters we ordered 2x Spicy wings, 2x BBQ wings and a portion of spicy calamari. It’s not really worth delving into why the calamari wasn’t on point. All I have to say is that although the batter was crispy, it lacked flavour and the calamari itself had a rubbery texture. The wings on the other hand, were more impressive. The spicy wings were similar to buffalo wings, (well basically, they were buffalo wings with franks sauce mixed with something else). The chicken was so tender that it just fell off the bone, and it was oozing with a desirable tanginess and spice. It was a similar story with the BBQ wings. Although usually I’m not a fan of BBQ sauce, these wings were smothered in a sauce that wasn’t too sweet, and had a hint of a smokey aftertaste which wasn’t too overbearing. Similarly the chicken itself was moist and tender. My only criticism was that the crispy batter on both types of wings were not crispy enough, as they were somewhat softened by the saucy concoctions that they were smothered in. The blue cheese sauce was a perfect accompaniment to both sets of wings.. so overall I was impressed!

BBQ & Spicy chicken wings

Having consumed a ton of steaks in Paris the week before, I was deterred from ordering a steak so soon. Although I do recall umm-ing and agh-ing over the MHL special Tomahawk steak. Perhaps I’ll indulge in this next time. On this occasion, the chicken schnitzel caught my eye, and after Patty confirmed that it was worth having, I placed the order. ShakerFries opted for the Juicy Lucy, which consisted of a beef patty with Monterey Jack cheese, topped with pulled beef, mayo and American cheese. He also ordered extra hash browns and turkey rashers in his burger. Both dishes came with a side and so we both opted for rosemary fries. 

The chicken schnitzel burger was incredibly filling, and consisted of a crispy chicken breast fillet, topped with cheese, lettuce, red onion, lettuce and burger sauce, all encased in a soft and fluffy brioche bun. I wasn’t overly blown away, and was slightly annoyed at how my burger started to deconstruct between my fingers due to the sogginess of the sauce. The struggle to eat the burger irritated me, and I ended up just eating the chicken breast alone having surrendered from trying to keep the entire burger together. That being said, the taste was okay. The batter was crispy and tasty and the meat tender. The fries were too crispy with not much potato in the middle. Consequently, I barely touched them, as my mouth felt dryer than the Sahara Desert after consuming just 3–4. 

The ‘Juicy Lucy’ burger was somewhat less of a disappointment. ShakerFries in no uncertain terms let me know this by taking a bite of my burger and proceeded to beam from ear to ear, taking great delight in letting me know that his burger was better than mine, before basically throwing it back to me in disgust, like I’d wasted valuable space in his tummy. After that, I could only look over and salivate at his plate. The hash browns were cooked perfectly – golden brown with a satisfying crunch and soft in the middle. ShakerFries gave me the nod of approval. The burger was cooked medium, and there wasn’t any moaning from ShakerFries – which means he liked it. The Juicy Lucy patty has the cheese injected in the middle so when biting into it, you just see this cheese pouring out piping hot – along with ShakerFries’ facial expression, it was at this point I knew…that I had screwed up. The turkey rashers were crispy but not overdone and ShakerFries had no opinion on the bun. Overall, this is what I would be going for if I went back.

Juicy Lucy burger with hash browns and rosemary fries

Overall our experience was okay. The service was good and the food a little above average. I liked the decor and location and can see the appeal with regard to crowds flocking to Meathouse London for a special occasion. It is a little pricey, coming in at £30 per person. Perhaps I made the wrong choice when I ordered my main, but I would give Meathouse another chance to impress me by opting for a steak next time. Currently I’m not impressed enough to rant and rave about what Meathouse had to offer. Give it a go.. perhaps it was just an ‘off’ day. 

Meathouse London 
Tel: 020 7837 3300
Website: http://www.meathouselondon.co.uk/#about-us


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