Hunting for something new @ Jungle Braai

Jungle Braai 6.5/10

F OOD: 6/10





Having indulged in wedding food for three days on the trot, we were looking for something new to fill our bellies. I had consumed way too much Indian food lately, and so welcomed the idea of South African cuisine. Enter Jungle Braai (Walthamstow).

It was relatively busy for a Sunday night, but we were shown to a table straight away. The decor was quirky and tasteful, fitting in well with the ‘jungle theme’. We settled pretty quickly, and made a quick dive for the menu.

To begin with we ordered a portion of lamb chops and halloumi to share. For mains, ShakerFries ordered an East London Burger which consisted of a single 4.5oz flame grilled patty, real cheese, gherkins, fried onions with buffalos burger relish. FIL went all out with the Durban Double, which was filled with two 4.5oz flame grilled patties, fried egg, double real cheese, and fried onions with red pepper sauce. The most authentic looking dish on the menu, and my meal of choice, was the Zulu Boerewors Sausage, consisting of traditional braai South African wors, fried onions and peppers. As always, no meal would be complete without some carbs, and so we also ordered a portion of chips to share.

ShakerFries has developed a halloumi obsession recently, but I have to say I was pleased to also indulge this obsession (and secretly encouraged it). The grilled halloumi wasn’t too salty, and was a good portion size. The lamb chops were my second favourite dish of the day (bar my main course), as they were really well seasoned, and their steakhouse sauce added a spicy South African twist. Charred enough to give it a smokey taste, the meat was also pleasantly tender, which made them close to perfect!

Now onto mains. I was impressed with the presentation of the Boerewors sausage, although I must admit that I was initially sceptical as to whether it was worth the £9 price tag. I took that back upon tasting it. Served with a warm, fluffy, brioche bun, I halved the sausage and carefully constructed a not-so-South African hot dog. I must say, the sausage had a distinct taste which may not be for everyone, but it was definitely to my taste, as it was packed full of spice and flavour. I would advise that the spice level of this dish is not for the faint hearted, although some of the feisty spice levels can can be extinguished by the buttery brioche rolls. In the end, I couldn’t finish my meal as the portion was bigger than I anticipated, but who complains about receiving TOO MUCH FOOD?! Let’s just say I had a great lunch the next day!


Given that I was bored with burgers, I wasn’t too keen on taking a bite out of ShakerFries burger, but when I did, I was more than pleasantly surprised. The buffalo burger relish gave what would usually be your ‘average’ burger a distinct tangy taste, and this flavoursome twist made this worth indulging in. I’m unsure how my FIL managed to single handedly conquer the double patty burger with a fried egg, but he did. I couldn’t bear to even look at his burger after indulging in 2 dishes already, but ShakerFries described it as being ‘just as flavoursome’ as his burger choice. Finally, the chips were a bit undercooked for my taste, but I was too distracted with my Boerewors sausage to care. 

Overall the bill came to around £50, which isn’t bad at all between 4 people. The atmosphere was casual and family friendly, and the waitress was warm and friendly. The food arrived quickly which I was pleased about, as I was particularly hangry that day! I would probably visit again if I wanted a quick bite in a chilled out atmosphere, and despite being a ‘steak diva’, I might even give their tenderloin steak a try next time. 


Wood St, Walthamstow, London E17
Tel: 020 8521 5050

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