Best of Both @ Le Madison Steak & Grill

Le Madison Steak & Grill 6.5/10

FOOD: 6/10




Note: All meat halal, no alcohol served on the premises, prayer space provided. We were invited to review this restaurant.

Le Madison Steak recently came under new management a couple of weeks ago. Eager to show off what this new eatery had to offer, were invited to come and sample their new and improved menu.Having seen their iconic lobster tail burgers from their website, how could we refuse?

Le Madison steak is tucked away on Raven Row, one of the side roads in the heart of the bustling East End area of Whitechapel. We were shown to a table immediately. The restaurant wasn’t busy for a Friday night, although I suspect that this is due to the fact that it isn’t common knowledge yet that this establishment has switched management and reopened. Having said that, it did seem to slowly pick up over the course of the evening so they ARE doing something right. The decor is modern and sleek towards the front of the restaurant, with the back of the restaurant plastered with beautifully vibrant wall paintings. It had a warm, welcoming vibe about it, and so we felt right at home.

To start, we were offered some complementary paprika spiced tortilla chips, with some sweet green sauce which had a tangy and spicy kick to it. There was also a small pot of sweet, creamy coleslaw, probably the best coleslaw that I’ve tasted in a while! The waiter informed me that both were made in house by the manager. Impressive start!

I ordered my virgin pina colada and then we dove straight into the starters. Despite both of us having a deep love for calamari, we’ve come to recognise that very few places have mastered how to serve it, and on most occasions it’s rubbery due to not being fresh, so usually we stay clear. For some reason, on this occasion the popcorn squid was calling out to us. In the end we took a chance and also ordered the BBQ wings for starters, with the 21 day matured sirloin steak, peppercorn sauce and, of course, the special Le Madison Tower burger for mains.

Within no less than 10 minutes, both our starters had arrived to the table. The pina colada was creamy and frothy, without being overbearingly sweet. It was the refreshing thirst quencher which I needed. The popcorn squid portion was extremely generous. The batter was crispy and peppery, and the encapsulated squid was so soft and fresh that it just melted in the mouth. The side serving of garlic mayo dip made this starter nothing short of exceptional, and proved to be the perfect accompaniment. The BBQ wings were equally appetising. drizzled in BBQ sauce, the wings were not overbearingly sweet, and were able to maintain their crisp exterior. The chicken was tender and the wings were meaty in general. For someone who doesn’t enjoy BBQ wings that often, I was beyond satisfied, especially with the mature cheese dipping sauce. My only feedback would be that I wished that the sauce was ever so slightly thicker, as the thin consistency meant that I was unable to smother my wings in it! 



The main course arrived a couple of minutes after we finished the starters. The steak was beautifully presented, adorned in juicy cherry tomatoes and served with fresh salad,  sautéed green beans, hand cut chips and creamy peppercorn gravy. The ‘skin on’ chips definitely had the handmade touch, and were extremely addictive, so much so that ShakerFries couldn’t keep his hands off them! Despite asking for the steak to be medium, the steak came well-done and therefore was quite tough, and could have also done with just a little more seasoning. You could tell that the meat was great quality and so I was a little disappointed with this. However, the manager encouraged me to give feedback so I was honest about this after the meal, and I felt that my comments and suggestions were well received and appreciated. 


The lobster tail burger on the other hand, compensated for my disappointment in the steak. The combo of beef and lobster tail is novel, and is Le Madison’s signature dish, (the waiter explained that this is the most popular dish on their menu). I was pleased to find that the beef patty was cooked perfectly to a medium, was bursting with flavour, and was extremely tender. The salad and burger relish added an extra punch to the overall combination. The lobster tail was the icing on the cake for me. After de-shelling the tail I was delighted at the smoked taste of the encapsulated white meat. My only comment would be that the tail was ever so slightly overcooked, and could have done with being a bit more tender.


Overall, the service was the best that we had received in a long time. The staff were extremely humble and the owner himself was very interested in our feedback and ideas. The bill came to around £41 which is incredibly reasonable for 2 starters, 2 mains and 2 drinks. We were given the opportunity to meet the chefs and explore the kitchen to see where the food was prepared, and the team revealed that they had an exciting new menu in the pipeline, which we are excited to try upon our next visit! We also had a chance to explore the downstairs of the restaurant, which will be reserved for parties and conferences once the renovations are complete. This downstairs area also includes an amazing prayer space, making this restaurant one of the few in London which accommodates it’s majority muslim customers. Overall, I believe despite the fact that Le Madison is currently undergoing enormous changes, their service and quality of food is unparalleled compared to some of the more established grills and burger joints. I believe that Le Madison is definitely one to watch in the future, and if you’re looking for a burger that’s alternative and flavoursome, I would definitely head down and check out the Le Madison tower. Here’s another tip for you. Le Madison is currently on Groupon with some great offers…Check it out!


Le Madison Steak & Grill
Address: 51 Raven Row, Whitechapel, London, E1 2EG
Phone: 020 7247 0679


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