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The Grill Restaurant 7/10

FOOD: 6.8/10





After receiving a warm invitation from the manager at The Grill, we decided to round the troops for a family meal at the East Ham branch. It was a Saturday evening, and after the jiggery pokery of finding a place to park, we walked in the restaurant and were greeted immediately by a number of friendly staff.

The first thing that struck us was that the restaurant had an incredibly warm and cosy vibe to it, simple decor, spaced out tables and just a feeling of humbleness about it. On a personal note, this is right up my street as I’m always putting forward my case to Mrs. Plug about how I much prefer a simple and authentic establishment with honesty in their offering, over the posh, fake, overpriced places with zero integrity. I just don’t get society’s desire to constantly make out on social media like they are all the cream of the crop when in reality, come Monday morning, everyone’s on the same grind, standing in the cold on the platform waiting to squeeze onto a train and rest their face in someones armpit.

Having said that, I guess there are some people with my mindset, as the restaurant was pretty heaving, with a mix of families, small groups of friends and what looked like a group of teachers out for their Christmas party! Having promptly been shown to our table we picked a few items from the menu to share.

The waiting staff were particularly well mannered, friendly and attentive, in fact they came over a couple of times before we were ready to order (although we did seem to take an age to decide). For starters, we ordered half a portion of chargrilled Buffalo wings and chargrilled lamb chops. The wings arrived and the fam were instantly impressed. These were great juicy wings smothered in Frank’s spicy, tangy, buffalo sauce; there were around 5 in half a portion. The lamb chops arrived and they were incredibly well marinated with all the flavour and spices coming through with each bite, plus they got the stamp of approval from me maa (it takes a lot!). Our only gripe was that they were a little overdone which made the chop shrink and taste a bit chewy. However, I wouldn’t hesitate in ordering again as the taste by far outweighed the nuance.

IMG_0943We ordered 3 mains with the intention to share. Mrs. Plug went for a beef steak which turned into an 8oz lamb steak (medium) after the waiter dropped her a hint that the lamb steak has been marinated for longer. Much like the chops, Mrs. Plug was impressed with the seasoning which was peppery and tasty. Again the only gripe was the that it was cooked slightly more than ideally desired. However, factually, she ordered it medium and it came medium hence this was simply an error on her part. The half frango grilled chicken was dad’s choice and he was more than impressed. Basically, rather than it being just a rip of off of Nando’s peri peri, you pick a sauce: special steak sauce, hot pepper, creamy mushroom, rib, buffalo or sticky sauce. Dad went for the hot pepper sauce, which essentially changed the meal, as although the sauce was expected to taste of peri peri, in actual fact, it almost tasted like roast chicken with gravy (which wasn’t a bad thing). The verdict was that he was into it, and again, wouldn’t hesitate in reordering. Finally, I went for the 4oz gourmet beef burger. For me this was the highlight of the lot. This isn’t a place that claims it’s a gourmet burger joint – and as I may have mentioned before, I’m not actually that keen on the heavy meatiness of a gourmet burger – but all 4 of us were pretty impressed with this. The burger was big enough to keep me satisfied but not sickeningly heavy, it was stuffed with mince meat, cooked to a medium, and encased in soft buns – in hindsight, I should have actually ordered the bigger version, and at the time wished that I didn’t have to share!


We washed this all down with Pepsi and fruit juice, so were feeling pretty content. The bill for four would amount to around £50 which is perfectly reasonable considering there is a steak involved with that order.

Overall, The Grill on the face of it could be mistaken for just a run of the mill takeaway with seating facility. A step inside will instantly show you this isn’t the case. Throughout our meal the staff were rushed off their feet, both with customers dining in and the masses of people coming for takeaway orders. That being said, I cannot stress enough the inexplicable feeling of warmth and friendliness when I walked in, which completely set the tone of how the evening would progress. It’s clear the food is cooked with love and has barakat which makes you not only enjoy the food but also feel the humbleness of staff, appreciate the quality, and leave satisfied – Alhumdulillah.

Although for locals, this isn’t a secret – for the social media crowd – my guess is this place wouldn’t come under consideration when picking a place for dinner. Now I’m not saying this is the place for a romantic proposal, but it’s totally an option for them occasions where you’ve been lazing around the house and want a dinner/family meal option with no pressure. At The Grill Restaurant, you can expect to find a quality meal at a reasonable price.

The Grill Restaurant

Address: 392 High St N, London E12 6RH
Phone: 020 8470 0093

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