Welcoming the new year with EAT MEAT

EAT MEAT 8.5/10

FOOD: 8.5/10


SERVICE: 8.5/10



New Years Eve, celebrated by many, and forgotten by even more, (unless, like me, you’re Muslim and a loss of consciousness is never on the agenda). I have had some disastrous New Years… but we won’t go into that. The point is that we always put pressure on ourselves to ‘make it a good one’, and 9 times out of 10, the pressure and expectation of having a ‘good NYE’ always makes it suck big time, as things always seem to go wrong (you can tell my new years resolution was NOT to be optimistic)! Anyway, to welcome 2018, we thought we would do…well.. nothing. A simple dinner in Manchester, as we do every year, followed by movies and BBC1 back at the hotel. 

We left it quite late to book a table for dinner. At first we aimed for renowned bistros such as Tattu and Rosso Restaurant, before realising that it was a bit out of our budget considering we would be eating out for 2 days. After doing some digging, a friendly Muslim Mancunian recommended EAT MEAT. I had an image of your standard steakhouse, with a Yaqubs/Toros/Ibrahims kind of vibe, serving up your finest cremated steaks.. but after talking to ShakerFries, we decided to give it a go, and so I made a reservation.

Located just around the corner from ShakerFries’s favourite restaurant Fuzion, Eat Meat is located in Fallowfield, off Wilmslow Road. It has only been open for 6 months, and it’s menu is still in the process of being developed and extended to eventually incorporate a VIP menu, including some of the finest, high grade Wagyu steaks. This small eatery only seats up to 34, so booking is a must. Despite being a small restaurant, the decor is elegant and sheek, laced with quaint chandeliers and leather cladded booths. I could understand from first impressions that their motto of “Quality, Passion, and Pride,” was clearly of importance.

Having booked in advance, we were shown to our table straight away. Before placing our order we were kindly offered a plate of complimentary mezze platter with lightly toasted pitta bread: a mix of hummus, Moroccan carrots, beetroot, zaalouk, baba ghanoush, special battata harra, sweetcorn, tabbouleh & fattoush. This was okay, but I didn’t indulge too much in this starter as I wanted to leave room for mains!


We decided to try Eat Meat’s beef ribs special before ordering our mains. They had in fact run out of beef ribs, but instead offered us lamb, which we decided to try. These ribs were marinated in a secret sauce & then steam grilled (£6.95), which meant that they were ridiculously tender and virtually melted off the bone. I was also a fan of their sweet marinade which had a beautiful peppery kick. As usual, my only vendetta against ribs is that there’s never enough meat to keep me satisfied! Luckily, we had our mains on the way.


For mains I opted for the most expensive cut of meat on the menu: the fillet steak (£22.99). The menu stated that these steaks were was 28-day matured, grass fed steaks, so I was looking forward to a good quality slab of meat. ShakerFries wanted to try something different, and so opted for the T-bone (£18).

I asked for my meat medium rare. The waiter explained that in that case, the meat would arrive rare, and that I could use the hot plate to cook the meat to my taste. I was a little confused until the waiter pointed to a short video on the wall. ShakerFries was still bewildered, and was adamant that he wanted his steak medium, so the waiter suggested that he has his steak served up straight up on a normal plate rather than the hot plate.

The food arrived in good time, and I was ready to tuck in! My fillet special was 10oz of meaty goodness, served with a side of my choice (baby new potatoes), caramelised onions and a beautifully presented side salad. As soon as it arrived I fully understood the concept of the hot plate. My steak was definitely cooked rare, but with each mouthful I was able to sear the meat against the hot plate to a satisfying medium rare, which remained scorching hot throughout the entirety of my meal. I usually live for the steak gravy/sauce, which in this case for me was the peppercorn sauce. however, after tucking in to the amazingly seasoned, juicy steak, I quite literally forgot the sauce was there. The meat was so tender and succulent that I didn’t even consider drowning it in the equally well-seasoned, creamy gravy. This was by far one of the best steaks I had ever devoured, and dare I say it, but it may just have taken over the likes of Sahara Grill. ShakerFries, after looking at my plump fillet steak and hot plate, realised he may have made a bad decision. After a few envious glances, I decided to be a caring wife and donate the remaining half of my steak to him. He was ecstatic and equally blown away with the fillet steak. It is at this point that I should say that there was nothing wrong with his steak. It was cooked medium as requested, was also well seasoned, and was a huge size (16oz), however, was a bit tough, which we were warned about at the time of ordering. I still managed to have a good go at finishing what was left of it, whilst ShakerFries started to engage in a conversation with the owner, (who was kind enough to check on how our meal was several times throughout the evening).


The manager informed us that their restaurant was family run, and that currently, all their beef and lamb is imported whole from halal meat suppliers across the world, from Canada to Japan. The steaks were cut in house, and seasoned in the family kitchen with a secret home blend of spices, before being injected with olive oil and more seasoning, which contributed to the sirloin being extra tender and moist throughout.  We were told that the concept of the hot plate originated from Meat Co. and steakhouses in Dubai. The quality of meat served was far higher than that explained on the menu. Our 28 day aged meat was actually 60 day matured meat. We were paying ridiculously low prices for the quality of meat that we were being served

The owner was kind enough to serve us 3 mocktails on the house: the pina colada, mojito, and some sort of Mango mojito (I forgot the actual name of the last drink). All three were beautifully refreshing, and not overbearingly sweet, making them the perfect accompaniment to our meal.

Our bill came to £65, which was amazing considering the wonderful hospitality of the staff and the exquisite quality of the meat. EAT MEAT has set the bar high for us in terms of the halal steak world, and I couldn’t be happier. Our experience surpassed our expectations, and I can’t wait to see what they do with their extended ‘VIP’ menu in the future. One thing is for sure, that prices will eventually increase to reflect their meat quality, so if I were you, I would get down there pronto to try out their fillet steak before then!

Address: Unit 4, 5a Wilbraham Rd, Manchester M14 6JS
Phone: 07424 185195

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