First lunch of 2018 @ Fuzion

Fuzion 6.7/10

FOOD: 6.5/10





ShakerFries hasn’t quite catered a taste for Pan-Asian cuisine. He would always opt for a lamb karahi over a chicken ho fun, unlike me, who has each parent born in the far East (Vietnam and Singapore), and therefore would always choose the latter. That being said, Fuzion Noodle Bar is the closest I can get to eating ‘my kinda food’. ShakerFries discovered Fuzion in 2005 whilst studying at the University of Manchester, and has grown quite fond of it! After many years and several visits from the both of us, it’s has still remained open, unlike many of the other local eateries. Located at the far end (Fallowfield) of Wimslow Road, Fuzion is a family run, laidback eatery with long, communal tables, serving a fusion menu based on Asian street food. 

It was New Years Day, and we skipped breakfast just so we could drop by at Fuzion for lunch before heading back to London. Luckily, it opened promptly at 12, and we were their first (and only) customers. 

Their menu is quite simple yet extensive, as it covers a variety of Asian cuisines such as Vietnamese, Japanese, Malaysian, Korean, Chinese and Thai dishes. After much deliberation, we went for the crispy salt and pepper squid, and Korean sticky, spicy chicken wings for starters. To accompany my meal I also ordered a pot of rose and lychee chinese tea.

The tea was served up almost immediately in the most beautiful stone teapot and cup. It was incredibly aromatic and encompassed two of my favourite flavours, I highly recommend it!


The fried squid arrived pipping hot, with spring onions, chillies, peppers and lots of garlic. The batter was tasty and crisp, but the best part was that the squid was incredibly fresh and soft. The Korean wings were also far from being disappointing. Coated in a sweet, sticky BBQ sauce and sesame seeds, these wings were incredibly meaty, spicy, and tender. I enjoyed them. In fact, I was so satisfied and full, and the mains hadn’t even arrived yet!



For mains, I went for the crispy, sweet, chilli beef with ho fun noodles. I’m still not sure why I ordered this dish, as I’m not one for sweet flavours in my mains, but I decided under pressure to try something new. ShakerFries went for his usual: Thai green chicken curry and crispy noodles, which goes against everything I believe in (You gotta have Thai green curry with Jasmine rice!?) Anyway, it’s his ‘thing’, so I let him get on with it. ShakerFries LOVED his meal and virtually licked his plate clean. I struggled. Not because it tasted bad, because it didn’t. The thin ho fun noodles were sweet and quite spicy, and the crispy beef was crispy and flavoursome. I was just so full from the starters that I barely ate a third of my meal and had to take away a doggie bag.


Somehow, my full belly wasn’t enough to stop me from ordering an iced Vietnamese coffee before hitting the road. I tried to justify this by telling ShakerFries that I needed to stay awake on the car journey home…which I obviously didn’t, but it was a damn good coffee! 


The service was perfect, the bill was £40, which is a lot for lunch, but still good considering that the portion sizes were more than generous. Their presentation is also quite appealing. I don’t need to say we’ll be coming back here because it’s a given. How else am I going to get a taste of my favourite food!?

Address: 264 Wilmslow Road, Fallowfield, Manchester, M14 6JR
Phone: 0161 248 6688

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