6 Places that Every Foodie Should Try in Rome

We were in Rome for Pakora’s hen party for a total of 3 days. Generally, you can walk around and pop into any cute cafe or restaurant and you won’t be disappointed! I would tend to stay away from the big squares as this is where the food gets a bit pricey. Overall, I don’t think I had one bad meal out in Rome! Nonetheless, here are a couple of places to try whilst on your travels. I realise it’s not detailed, but I hope it’s somewhat helpful. 

1. Bar Tre Scalini – Piazza Navona

We actually went here for dessert one Friday evening. It is on one of the oldest squares in Rome (Piazza Navona), however is known for serving these delicious ice cream truffles. This artisanal dessert includes chocolate ice cream truffles covered in flakes of dark chocolate, and topped in cream! It was a bit pricey at 12 Euros, but is something different to try. This place also serves home made tiramisu (no alcohol), which was delicious. 


2. Alfredo – The Original Fettuccine

No Bridal party would be complete without an activity! Alfredo restaurant is really famous in Rome, and is the place where the pasta ‘fettucine’ originated from. They offer a really amazing opportunity to get a cooking lesson from their head chef, who teaches you how to cook different types of egg pasta from scratch. This was really fun! For 70 Euros, you get a cooking lesson for about an hour, and a three course meal with drinks. We pre-booked this, and it is important that you clarify that you only eat vegetarian/fish so that they can accommodate you. The actual Fettuccine Alfredo is actually amazing, ESPECIALLY if you love cheese! 


3. Frigidarium Gelateria

This tiny gelateria was right next to our apartment near Rome city center, and there was ALWAYS  queue. I had to check out what the fuss was about on our last day. Turns our that you can get 2 ginormous scoops in a cup or a cone for only 2 Euros! That’s not all. You can even choose to have your ice cream dipped in white or dark chocolate, giving your gelato a crispy outer shell. The gelato flavours were all original. I went for the tiramisu flavour and the cream cheese and pistachio manolo flavour – both were gorgeous and creamy.


4. Two Sizes

If the sugar coma from Frigidarium wasn’t enough, you could always go to get your fix from Two Sizes down the road. This place is essentially a hole in the wall serving a lot of great pastry at reasonable prices! It is also known to serve some of the best tiramisu in Rome. This included a load of different flavors of tiramisu, including pistachio, strawberry and original flavors. If you haven’t tried a cannoli (which is essentially sweet cannelloni pastry stuffed with Nutella or cream cheese), then this needs to be on your ‘to eat’ list too!  

5. Ristorante Pizzeria Pasquino

As I mentioned before, the food is pretty much awesome everywhere. You really can go wrong with any pizza or pasta, and you don’t miss meat much as there are loads of great seafood options in Italy. That being said, there was something oddly satisfying about the little eatery we visited on out first day in Rome. I got the seafood tagliatelle, with burrata cheese topped in truffle (like mozzarella but way more liquid inside – loved this!), and brochette. This place was a short walk from Piazza Novana, and was very close to our apartment. 


6. Bake House Roma

If you get a little fed up with pizza and pasta, why not try Bake House for an all American brunch? Brunch is a big deal in Rome on the weekends, and you often have to make a reservation if you want to sample some of the brunch treats on offer. Bake House is a little way from town, but offers some great pancake options. You can check out my review post on this place for more info. 


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