The Halal Scoop: Chai & Chat with Supreme Sponge

Taz is one of my favourite bakers! She was recommended to me by a close friend who had tasted her cakes several times before. I remember close to my wedding, running around like a headless chicken trying to find someone to make me some eggless henna cookies for my Mehndi (half my family don’t believe eating egg is vegetarian). After experimenting with an eggless cookie recipe, Taz gave me some taster cookies to try. They were amazing! Not only did they look beautiful, but the cookie was beautifully crumbly and sweet. It was perfect! From then on I knew that Taz would always go above and beyond for her clients. There were plenty of moments where I was stressed about planning my wedding but receiving my baked goods from Taz was not one of them. Not only is she super reliable, but her prices are incredibly fair, she is incredibly warm and humble, and she adapts her designs to your needs.

I went back to Taz again when my bestie SA was getting married. After being given the task of planning her hen, I decided that I wanted to distribute some floral cupcakes as a favour to our party. I showed Taz a couple of pictures for inspiration, and she recreated my vision! Not only that but she packaged them beautifully for me in individual boxes for our guests. 


If you live in the East London area, I would highly recommend Taz at Supreme Sponge. Check out our interview with her below!

  1. What service do you provide?
    Supreme Sponge provides bespoke cakes for all types of occasions. From cakes, cupcakes to cheesecakes there is definitely something for everyone. I use quality ingredients and turn them into a Supreme Sponge cake with a design of your choice that I aim to deliver every time.
  2. What inspired you to start your business?
    Our cheesecakes have already been in business for over 7 years in Bolton, Birmingham and London under the name of ‘GreedyLicker Cheesecakes’ which is run by me and my sisters but I was kinda thrown into making cakes by chance as before it was just something I used to whip up for the family. A friend was in need of cupcakes and she was so happy with what I produced that she ordered more the next day, then the day after and the day after!!!! And since then the orders have crept in and I have been able to improve my skills and feel very proud and humbled of how far I’ve come in the past few years.
  3. What makes Supreme Sponge as a bakery business stand out from your competitors?
    Cakes are now a very competitive business and there are many talented bakers out there but customers who have come to me know that I will go that extra mile or more just for them, they feel comfortable enough to come to me with their ideas or to just leave the whole thing to me. It’s the trust and confidence that I can and will deliver.

  4. I love anything sweet but if I have to choose one cake then hands down nothing beats a nice fluffy victoria sponge with a cuppa! mmmm!


  5. What do you love about your job?
    The best part of being a baker is being able to create a bespoke cake to the customer’s requirements and also the lovely friends I am able to make along the way.
    unnamed (1)
  6. How do you see your business progressing in the future? / what dreams do you have for your business?
    It’s something I’m already working on but in the near future I’d love to venture further into the wedding industry and provide bespoke bridal cakes.`
  7. How can people contact you if they would like to place an order?
    For enquiries on my cakes you can contact me via Facebook: Supreme Sponge or Instagram: taz_supremesponge. For our cheesecakes we have a separate page too on Facebook: GreedyLicker Cheesecakes



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