Italian Brunch @ Bakery House, Rome

Bakery House 6/10

FOOD: 6.5/10


SERVICE: 5.8/10


NOTE: None of the meat is halal, vegetarian/pescatarian options are available and cooked separately from all meat dishes. Alcohol is served on site.

It was my beautiful Pakora’s Hen Party, and after much aggro with cancelled flights we finally made it to our surprise destination…ROME! Despite my healthy eating so far, I had to hit the pause button and overindulge in carbs for most of the weekend. I think I can now safely say that I have consumed enough pasta, pizza and gelato to last me a lifetime! Anyway, as a muslim I can safely say that Rome is not renowned for it’s halal eateries, unless of course you want to eat at a grimey kebab house with a hygiene rating of around -3. We lived through most of the weekend consuming seafood pastas, pizzas and tiramisus (non-alcoholic much to my disbelief, as it turns out its the Britz who invented the boozy tiramisu, SHOCKING!). Anyway, let me get to it, we were flying back to London in just a few hours, but we wanted to grab a final meal before heading for the airport. 

I was in charge of finding food spots. It turns out that having brunch on Saturday/Sunday in Rome is quite a big deal. A quick google search told me that Bakery House is ‘the best place for brunch in Rome,’ served every weekend frm 9.30am to 4pm. At that point there was no point in looking any further, I had found’the place’. I gave them a call to book a table 2 days before, and was only able to get a table for 7 at 3pm on Sunday. A little tip: for the well renowned brunch destinations, I recommend you book in advance as these places can get pretty busy. With this odd reservation time, we ended up eating lunch before brunch! I guess that’s what being an adult is all about. 

The only slight annoyance in visiting Bakery House – Corso Trieste branch (which was the closest), was that it was a 20 minutes drive from the center of Rome in a more suburban area. We had to take 2 cabs to get there which cost 20 euros each way, but what I will say, is that it was totally worth it! If you don’t want to splash the cash, Bakery house is conveniently located close to the metro station (just two minutes’ walk from the S.Angese/Annibaliano Station). 

Bakery House is so small that you could almost miss it! When we arrived in this cozy eatery, it was already buzzing, with queues out the door, but I could see among the crowd that our table for 7 was ready! I was a bit taken aback that we were ignored for a few minutes on arrival, and my friends and I were ignored by one particular waitress even after asking if our table was ready. Eventually, we were greeted and seated by a more friendly looking waitress!

In all honesty, I was still stuffed from lunch and gelato, but when I opened the menu I knew I had to get something. The savory pancakes with egg and salmon caught my eye, as did the refreshing pink lemonade and the Camembert bites (Juices were included with the pancakes). The Truthful One ordered the eggs royale served with fresh fruit and the rest of our group ordered the chocolate chip/bluebery/normal pancakes.

Service was efficient and the food arrived in no time, at which point all of our eyes lit up. For the price, all the portion sizes were really reasonable, and almost every dish was served with a side salad or fresh fruits! My pink lemonade was incredibly refreshing with a hint of sweetness. The salmon, eggs, pancakes and creamy side sauce were ta great concept and perfect combination, and despite being ‘full’, I finished my entire plate. have to say that even the side salad was blog worthy, and it’s true what most European’s say, the vegetables abroad taste nothing like the vegetables in the UK. Apparently, I haven’t tasted a real tomato before! The ones in my side salad were sweet, beefy and juicy. My only comment was that obviously, if you’re after a traditional Italian brunch, this place isn’t for you, as the food here is basically an American-style brunch. I would also say the food was nice (talk about inserting the most neutral adjective possible), as was the atmosphere, but it’s nothing to overly shout about. We have some equally nice brunch places in London.


Everyone dug in to the crispy coated Camembert bites, which were beautifully creamy and rich. The chocolate chip pancakes were also beautifully fluffy, and were accompanied with both maple syrup and chocolate syrup so that you could choose which one to drizzle over your pancakes! Now that’s what you call ‘having options’. 



Overall, the bill was around 20 euros per person, which is a fairly high price for brunch, but also reasonable considering how much we ate. The service to the table was incredibly fast and the waitresses were okay, if you exclude the one who ignored me when we entered and I asked to be shown to our table. If you want dessert after brunch there are many freshly baked cakes and desserts to choose from! I would say that it’s an incredibly cozy place, and so you are all kind of squished in, and you can’t have any private conversations, but that’s me probably being super pedantic. They also have another branch which may be less cramped, but this is further away from the city center. I would say overall the food and presentation was nice, but leaning more towards average. This is great if you want to deviate from the Italian food on offer, but on the other hand, it’s fair to completely ignore this place and adopt the concept of ‘When in Rome… do as the Romans do.’ To conclude, if you’re in Rome for the weekend and need a break from all the pizza and pasta, try an all American brunch at Bakery House Roma.

Bakery House Roma
Address: Corso Trieste, 157 B, 00198 Roma RM, Italy
Phone: +39 06 9437 7841



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