Blue cheese dreams @ Burger Bros

Burger Bros 7.3/10

FOOD: 7.5/10




NOTE: We were invited to try this restaurant. All meat is halal. All beef is grass fed, and reared in a farm in Kent. All beef is HMC (Abraham Natural Produce) and halal turkey rashers and halal chicken are from JJ foods. No alcohol is served.

We were kind of let down after our burger craving the previous week at amigos, so when Zakeer at Burger Bros contacted us and invited us to try what they had to offer, we couldn’t refuse, after all, we still had a craving which needed to be fulfilled! And so we trekked it across the river after work to my former side of the river: SOUF LANDAN, to sample what this small joint in Streatham had to offer. Located a few minutes walk from Streatham train station, Burger Bros was easy to find, and was situated just off the main road. The great things about Burger Bros, is that their beef is ethically sourced, and all beef is free range, grass-fed, and outdoor-reared in Kent. This establishment is focused in not compromising the quality of their burgers, don’t use any additives, and use the finest quality meat.

It was smaller than I expected, and was only able to seat a few people,it’s decor was simple yet modern, and the establishment was remarkably clean. It was relatively busy when we walked in, and I was excited to see what they had to offer. One glance at the menu and I IMMEDIATELY knew what I wanted. The buffalo chicken wings, and The Spicy Boy Blue (£7.95): this burger was almost certainly made for me. If I was to choose all the toppings I would want in my perfect burger, this would be it. 6oz beef patty, crumbled blue cheese, grilled jalapeños, smoked turkey bacon, lettuce, tomato and a dollop of scotch bonnet pepper mayo. ShakerFries is a sucker for American cheese, so he ordered the Bacon Big Cheese, served with smoked turkey bacon, American cheese, pickles, burger sauce, French’s mustard (sooo underrated), and ketchup. For sides we ordered truffle cheese fries and buttermilk fried onion rings. 

The lady behind the till was incredibly warm and our order arrived promptly around 10 minutes after ordering. I was practically drooling. Let’s start with the wings. the wings were tender and meaty, encapsulated in a crispy fried batter, and smothered in a tangy, spicy Buffalo sauce, not too dissimilar Franks Buffalo sauce. In fact, these wings were reasonably close in taste to those served at Sahara grill AKA my fave place for buffalo wings, and all for a reasonable price (3 wings for £2.25). I was left licking my fingers after!


The truffle fries were topped in truffle oil and crumbled parmesan. It was quite a generous portion and I liked them as they held a lot of flavour, unlike your average portion of fries or even rosemary fries, but it was ShakerFries who took a greater shine to these and polished them off fairly quickly!

Our burgers were both constructed well, and despite containing a lot of filling we were still able to munch our way through without the burger disintegrating in our hands. That’s not to say that the brioche bun holding the burger together wasn’t soft, because it was. The bun was lightly toasted, warm, and soft, yet firm enough to not become soggy under the filling.

Although both burgers were not huge, both were satisfyingly filling. Both our burgers were medium-well as stated in the menu. If you want a special request you should ensure you state this when you order. Despite our burgers being cooked a bit longer than we generally opt for, the meat was incredibly tender and flavoursome, and you could tell that a high quality meat was used.

ShakerFries’ burger was covered in just the right amount of cheese sauce, and the French mustard provided a good twang, and is a must even for those who aren’t big mustard lovers. The sauce was not overbearing, and was complemented perfectly with the smokiness from the turkey bacon. All the ingredients used were crisp and fresh. Overall the burger was juicy and perfectly constructed. Win. 


The star of the show for me was my blue cheese burger. When I say WOW I genuinely mean it. Where has this burger been all my life? Blue cheese is my favourite cheese, and they were incredibly generous when they came to crumbling this over my beef patty. The scotch bonnet pepper spiced mayo added a novel touch to the burger, injecting a short sharp, spicy kick to the flavour which was further enhanced by the grilled jalapeños. I was so satisfied after my burger, and couldn’t fault a thing with the flavour.



The buttermilk onion rings looked really enticing on instagram, and so I ordered these and received a massive portion for £2.95). The concept was great. The batter was golden brown, crisp and encased a beautifully caramelised onion within. The onion rings were not greasy, which was another tick in the box for me as this is rare to find! My only small gripe was that the batter could have done with a small burst of flavour, perhaps some spices and pepper to complete the experience. 


For the first time.. in a long time… I finished my entire burger, and (almost) my entire meal. Bar the onion rings as I was incredibly full after the burger, fries, and wings. I wish I had space for a milkshake after all that, but I couldn’t possibly have stomached it after this incredible meal! ShakerFries finished everything on his plate too. The meal was a success. 

The bill would have come to around £27.50 for 2 mains, 1 starter, 2 sides and 2 drinks, which is amazing value. My overall thoughts is that looks can be deceiving. Despite Burger Bros being small and tucked away off the main road, I would certainly describe it as a hidden gem. Their burgers are between your standard take away burger and gourmet burger, but are certainly more flavoursome and less greasy then your average burger joint, which means a lot considering that we are in a time where low quality burger restaurants are saturating the halal food market. This place has only been open since October last year, and so is still relatively new. The prices are reasonable and service friendly and fast. We wish them all the best, as this is certainly one of the better eateries we have visited as of late. Worth crossing the river for!

Burger Bros
Address: 6 Sunnyhill Rd, London SW16 2UH
Phone: 020 3940 1100

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