The Halal Scoop: Cupcakes with Cakesbykz

Those who eat together, stay together. That’s what I believe anyway. I don’t think ShakerFries and I would even have a relationship if it wasn’t for food! That’s why when I met Kuresh and Zemila, two home bakers, I had to try their cakes! I had never heard of a couple who baked together..and I loved the concept. Zemila was kind enough to prepare me some vanilla and chocolate sponge cupcakes with fresh buttercream icing, and Kuresh delivered them fresh to my house. The sponge was ridiculously soft and moist, and I had to fight ShakerFries for them, as although there were 6, he was determined to finish them all himself! It was a pleasure to liaise with these guys, and I would highly recommend trying their cakes for a special occasion. 

1. What service do you provide?
We are a small family run business providing cakes and cupcakes. If you are planning a birthday party, baby shower, wedding or just fancy some cake with your tea, we are here to create a delicious cake for you. We work with you to create and design the perfect cake for your special occasion making sure that we meet your brief creating your perfect cake.

2. What inspired you to start your business?
I have always had a passion for baking and use to bake as a hobby until my wife pushed me to bake as a profession. So in 2016, my wife and I started cakesbykz. We started baking for just family and friends and slowly the business has started to grow. I enjoy trying to create new and different designs but still producing a delicious tasting cake.

3. What makes your food business stand out from your competitors?
As a family run business, I believe we provide a great one to one friendly service to our customers to help them design a cake for their special day. We believe that we provide good value for money and are happy to deliver around London, Essex and within the M25.


4. What’s your favourite cake?
Our favourite cake would be Chocolate cake!!

5. What’s your favourite thing about your job?
Coming up with new and unique designs for cakes. Also, meeting our customers, especially at fairs.


6. How do you see your business progressing in the future? / what dreams do you have for your business?
We hope to expand more into the wedding events and eventually to be able to open our own cake shop.

7. Are all your products halal? 
All the ingredients we use in our cakes are halal.

8. How can people contact you if they would like to place an order?
People can contact us via Instagram at cakesbykz,
through Facebook at cakesbykz or Zemila Suleman Ali
or via email at
Our website is in progress.

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