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Pie Factory 7/10

FOOD: 7/10




Note: No alcohol or pork served on the menu. Serves HMC Supplied meat.

Sundays are for comfort food. Despite living a stone’s throw away from Pie Factory on Cranbrook Road, ShakerFries had always denied me. He said it was more of a lunch thing, so I used this particular Sunday to coax him into pie for lunch!

Pie factory was buzzing when we got there, but there were quite a few tables available. The menu encompassed a range of different meals besides pies. There was a burger section, and even dishes such as the traditional British ‘bangers and mash’ were on offer. The best part was that all the prices were fairly decent, and you could upgrade to a pie with 2 sides for a couple of pounds.

We went for the chicken wing starters in hot sauce, just for fun. We weren’t expecting them to be as good as they were. These 6 wings were hugely meaty, and were not too dissimilar to buffalo wings, as they were covered in a sweet, tangy, spicy sauce. We were really quite impressed, and for £4.50, they were really good value.


I went for the chicken and mushroom pie, a British classic! ShakerFries would have got the steak and mushroom, but….he doesn’t like mushrooms. The friendly waiter suggested he went for the chicken tikka masala pie. We both looked at each other in hesitation, but since the waiter suggested it ShakerFries agreed.

It only took around 10 minutes for our food to appear with a very generous helping of mixed vegetables and spicy mash for me, and carbs on carbs on carbs for ShakerFries. Our portion sizes were fairly huge so I was a happy bunny. The Vegetables were cooked in a herby tomato sauce, and the mash was beautifully creamy and spiced to just the right amount. 

The pie itself was also extremely satisfying. The pastry was crisp and the filling was beautifully creamy. I loved that the chicken was well seasoned and tender. I literally drowned my entire plate in the gravy on the side. My meal was complete. I looked over to shakil who was chomping away at his pie. I had a taste. I thought my pie was tasty but his was bursting with flavour! The waiter gave us some great advice. ShakerFries was shockingly over the moon after finishing his meal, and I was full after eating mine. In fact, for the first time in a long time, I finished my entire plate!


I only have 2 criticisms. Firstly, I wish there was just a tiny bit more filling in the pie. Secondly, I wish the gravy had a bit more flavor. These are just minor points, because at the end of the day, I walked out feeling incredibly satisfied and we both agreed it was excellent value for money, so much so, that we bought a pie to take away for my mother-in-law to try when we got home. 

Overall, our meal came to just over £20, for a shared starter, 2 mains and 2 drinks. This wasn’t bad at all! I do support ShakerFries in the sense that this definitely is more of a lunch place. Although, once you do visit for lunch you will most definitely be full until dinner!! The service was great and the waiter was incredibly warm and friendly. We were most definitely not disappointed with our meal here, so much so that we returned during Ramadan with the parents for the iftar special menu and they also thoroughly enjoyed it. I highly recommend visiting. It’s great for a family Sunday lunch.

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