Banging burgers @ Burgo Bar

Burgo Bar 7.5/10

FOOD: 7/10


SERVICE: 7.8/10


NOTE: All meat served here is halal (HMC suppliers for all meat) and no alcohol is served. Please note that we were invited to taste the food here.

We first visited Burgo Bar during Ramadan last year, and we were really happy with the food and the value. A year on, Hannah invited us back to sample their new, extended menu, and we were more than happy to oblige! Burgo bar is located amongst the hustle and bustle of Ilford Lane, nestled between the ever popular Franzos and the soon to open Manjaros. The decor is clean and quirky, with comfortable booths and an exposed brick wall. The staff are warm and attentive, and the atmosphere is very family friendly. And I guess that’s the point. Burgo Bar was opened with Hannah and her husband, with the hope that their restaurant would appeal to families who wanted a reasonably priced, tasty meal, put together with the freshest ingredients and highest quality of meat. As the name suggests, Burgo Bar specialises in innovative burgers. None of their burgers use processed meat and each is crafted to perfection by their ‘burgologists’!  

So when we sat down, we were excited to sample some of the flavours the new menu had to offer. The menu was packed full of options, and we were spoilt for choice! Burgers were not the only thing on offer. There was everything from fish and chips, to mixed grills, peri chicken, and family sharing platters. The first thing to catch my eye was the fact that all meals included hand cut chips in the price which made each dish amazing value. I was also impressed with the lunch menu. Although significantly condensed in comparison to the dinner menu, all meals included chips and a drink for under £5. The best part is that the menu runs 7 days a week from 12-4pm! Nobody could argue that that’s a great deal… I’ve spent more for a greasy chicken and chips at Dixys!

To drink, we ordered a mojito and an Oreo milkshake to accompany our meal. Both were delicious so not complaints there.

Mojito and Oreo Milkshake

In the end, we ordered a mixed platter of chicken wings (jerk, peri, and hot wings – £6.95) and a portion of grilled lamb chops for starters (£6.00). They both arrived in no time and we tucked in! The chicken meat melted off the bone and each wing was juicy and packed with flavour. Our favourites were the peri and hot wings (the hot wings were not too dissimilar to buffalo wings). The jerk wings were a tiny bit salty for us, and we fed this back as this is a new flavour which they have just added to the menu. The lamb chops are apparently one of the best selling starters and I can see why. The meat was chargrilled and so had a beautifully smokey taste which did not overwhelm the overall flavour of the chops. It was also cooked to a medium and so was tender and not chewy!

Mixed Chicken Wings Platter
Grilled Lamb Chops

For mains, we ordered the Smokey Blue (smoked chicken rashers, onion jam, blue cheese sauce and fresh farmhouse blue cheese on top of a beef patty – £8.95 including chips but I upgraded to sweet potato fries). ShakerFries ordered the Philly Steak burger (steak chunks on beef patty with caramelised onions green peppers mushrooms and mozzarella, topped with a sweet and spicy homemade sauce – £10.95). 

Our burgers were a nice size and the brioche bread was beautifully sweet and fluffy. I was absolutely IN LOVE with my burger. I am a massive fan of blue cheese and was blown away by the strong flavour of the blue cheese, but also was overjoyed at how it complemented the sweetness of the onion jam. The beef patty wasn’t thick and stodgy, and was cooked to a perfect medium, and so for that reason I really enjoyed my burger. I loved the whole combination of flavours and thought for under £10, they were on to a winner. ShakerFries seemed equally happy with his burger. I had a taste of the steak chunks and they were incredibly tender. The sweet spicy sauce also tasted quite novel, and injected a punch of flavour into the burger. 

Blue Cheese Burger
Philly Cheese Steak Burger

Overall, I was really happy with my meal and I couldn’t help but feel that Burgo Bar was underrated. With the current halal burger scene as saturated as it is now, it’s hard for smaller, family run businesses to compete. But in all honesty, the likes of BGR and (dare I say it) Built Burgers don’t really touch the taste and quality that Burgo has to offer. I also appreciate the fact that they use fresh ingredients and have put very careful thought into their pricing to ensure the food is still affordable for the local community, specifically families. I will definitely be back to taste what Burgo has to offer again (there’s a lot for us to try and get through on the menu!). Their service is great, food tastes delicious, and I also can’t wait to try their new breakfast menu. 

Burgo Bar
Address231 Ilford Ln, Ilford IG1 2RZ
Phone020 3887 7385

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