Top 5 Halal Eats in Munich

I have realised quite quickly that travelling the world with work is anything but glamorous! I was in Munich for 5 days and for 4 of those days did not have the chance to see much of Munich. Little did I know that I could actually cover the top attractions in just a few hours on my fifth and final day! Yep, there’s not too much to see in Munich, although it is a beautiful city. There are however, quite a few places to eat. There is a massive muslim community in Munich, predominantly Turkish, so you won’t ever be short of kebab options! Nonetheless, I have compiled a list of my top 5 (or should I say only 5 as my time was restricted) places which I visited whilst in Munich. I hope this will help if you get a bit ‘stuck’ whilst on your travels!

  • Onkel Ali
    Onkel Ali is a cute little donor restaurant with cushions by the window, plants on the wall, wooden tables, and cool lamps. It was not your regular döner place for sure. I ordered a doner dürüm (wrap). All the flat bread was prepared freshly before being tossed in the air and placed into the oven. The entire wrap only came to under 6 euros, plus a couple more euros for the drink. The food was tasty, filling, and relatively healthy given that it was packed with lots of deliciously crunchy salad! I recommend this place for lunch one day.
  • Richart
    If you are looking to grab a quick pastry, sweet or savoury, you will find a Richart on every corner. Reasonably priced, and full of new and attractive baked goods, Richart is a must try, and you will often find a long queue out of every shop. We tried the butter-brezl, which was simple yet tasty!
  • Chopan
    Chopan is a chain in Munich serving the best Afghan cuisine. It is also quite high up on Trip Advisor so I definitely wanted to give it a try. I tried to get a table here on 2 occasions in the Schwabing branch but it was fully booked. In the end I visited the Elvirastraße branch after pre-booking. I got the orange virgin pina colada which was BEAUTIFULLY creamy and flavoursome. For mains I got a mixed lamb and chicken kebab with rice. Everything was rich in flavour and the rice had some sweet sultanas in which were incredibly pleasing to the palate. Having never tried Afghan cuisine before, I was blown away by how similar it is to Indian food in terms of the aromas and flavours. Please note that they do serve alcohol here.
  • Taste my burger
    Don’t let the name put you off! Taste my burger was probably my favourite meal in Munich. The restaurant is fully halal with no alcohol served. The patty was not too thick and cooked to a lovely medium, and there is a massive selection of burgers to try! I kept it simple and went for the bacon and cheese burger, and was blown away by the quality and taste of crispy beef bacon. All the flavours came together beautifully in this burger. You don’t get this kind of bacon in your burgers in London. This dinner is around 12 euros per person which is excellent value!
  • OCCAM Deli
    In all honesty, I didn’t choose this place. My work colleagues did. It wasn’t my scene as it was a Saturday night, the place was heaving, and there is alcohol served at this restaurant in an ‘in your face’ kind of way. That being said, OCCAM Deli has a small menu but serves plenty of vegetarian options. The reason I am including it is because the veggie main I opted for was really novel and blew me away. I got the baked avocado with sesame and pumpernickel, halloumi steak, black rice and chilli-tomato salsa for 15 euros. The flavours were strong and the portion size was incredibly generous, so much so that I couldn’t finish.


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