Le Madison Steak & Grill (Round 2)

Le Madison 7.9/10

FOOD: 8/10





We first tried Le Madison last year and were impressed with a few select dishes. Recently we were kindly invited back for a complimentary meal so we were excited to get our hands on that popcorn squid again. The guys had told us there had been a change in the approach certainly from a meat supplier perspective. 

The biggest contrast upon entry was the busy nature of the restaurant. The previous time we went, it was pretty empty. Despite going roughly on the same day and time (Friday night peak dinner 8pm), this time around it was significantly busier with a mix of friend groups and families.

Having settled down and acquainted ourselves with the menu, this time around, along with the popcorn squid, we opted for lamb chops and were also given some nachos. First things first, popcorn squid – we just loved it, it was fresh, crispy and delicious. Im my humble opinion, you’ve just got to for it. In addition, the chops were really good. Both Mrs plug and I both were blown away by the marinade, the charcoaled nature and the tender medium cooked meat – definitely wouldn’t hesitate in re-ordering this. Finally, the nacho’s were provided just as something to nibble on and were pretty much dorito’s so not too much to call out on this, BUT, honestly the homemade dipping sauce that goes with it was amazing! really watery and runny but one small dip on the chip and theres an explosion in your mouth – but in a good way. I mean it wasn’t too hot to handle, but it was pretty spicy and I was all over it, so much so, we have to stop the waiter from taking it away from us when we were done with the nachos!


Lamb chops and calamari

For mains, it was a tricky decision actually. So clearly theres the usual issue of eating too many burgers everywhere we go and wanting something different bla bla bla. But a bigger issue was the previous experience of Mrs Plug’s steak being really overcooked, which annoyed her for the next 2451 days. However, there was just something in the air this time which told my gut it should be something we re-order, especially since the food until now has been spot on. As a result, I opted for a medium well Sirloin and Mrs Plug decided to go for lamb strips sizzler. You can probably tell where I’m going with this, the steak was unrecognisable from the initial visit. I was extremely happy with my decision to follow my gut given the steak was so tender, cooked just as I asked and I enjoyed every juicy bite. Mrs Plug went for the lamb strips but in hindsight it wasn’t too dissimilar from the lamb chops so was slightly disappointed with herself. Having said that, it wasn’t like the strips or lamb chops were bad so it wasn’t a disastrous decision.

Sizzling beef
Sirloin steak

Last thing to cover off was drinks and as usual Mrs plug went for a mocktail – this time a mojito which she was happy with. I went for a strawberry and scottish raspberry which was equally satisfying.

Overall, despite Le Madison being off the beaten track as such compared to the hustle and bustle of Whitechapel High St, there are definitely many reasons to visit this place next time you fancy a good meal at a reasonable price. It’s often something over and above your expectations which defines how you perceive something and in this day and age of burgers and steaks on every corner – it’s difficult to separate them when they all do stuff well – in Le Madisons case, the popcorn squid, chops and that dip with the nachos gives it the edge to the usual chicken wings options you find in burger and steak places.

Le Madison
ADDRESS51 Raven Row, Whitechapel, London E1 2EG
PHONE020 7247 0679

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