Celebrating in style @ Kassap Meat House

Kassap Meat House 8.5/10

FOOD: 8.5/10





The last game of 2018, and it really was something. Liverpool beat Arsenal 5-1, and so we were definitely in the mood to celebrate. We have never previously been blown away by what Liverpool had to offer in terms of the halal food scene, but from afar I had recognised that things in the last year had slowly changed, and so when newly opened Kassap Meat House (a Turkish steak house) invited us to sample what they had to offer, we thought we would give it a go. Turkish Meat and Steak houses are massive deal in Turkey, which we discovered from our trip to Istanbul in the summer. Nus-ret is of course, one of the biggest, well recognised of these steak/meat houses, and from our previous review you can see that it didn’t disappoint. It was for this reason that we had high hopes for Kassap, which had only been open a month!

Kassap is located in the heart of Liverpool town centre on Bold street, and on a Saturday night that part of town was heaving. The restaurant itself was modern and classy. It was relatively busy and we were greeted warmly at the door before being shown to our table. At the front of the restaurant was a huge fridge showcasing all the fresh cuts of meat which were on offer. We were very excited!

For starters we were intrigued by the Mumbai chicken, and were also drawn to the beef carpaccio after having an amazing experience in Nus-ret, Istanbul. For mains, the manager suggested that we sample the tomahawk steak. Now, anyone who knows us knows that we always opt for sirloin or fillet steak, and I can’t say I have ever tasted Tomahawk so was a bit sceptical with opting for this suggestion. The manager then led us to the back of the restaurant and physically showed us the different cuts of meat on offer and the differences between the tastes and textures. In the end we decided  to take gamble and tried the Tomahawk. We ordered 1kg worth of meat between us, and with a generous discount we were looking to pay around £63 for the steak alone..ouch. 


The starters arrived quickly. The Mumbai chicken was juicy and tender. Although you couldn’t taste the Indian spices in the saucy marinade, the gravy on the chicken was still delicious and creamy. We both enjoyed this! The beef carpaccio was equally enjoyable. Not everyone likes the idea of raw beef but I can honestly say this is a fantastic starter. It is light and tasty, allowing you to leave room for mains! Beef carpaccio is essentially raw flattened beef, topped with rocket, parmesan, olive oil and a bit of balsamic vinegar. I did enjoy the one at nus-ret slightly more than this one but I was told that this version is more authentic in Turkey, as they don’t roll the beef with the filling and don’t over complicate the dish with other textures and tastes. ShakerFries was 100% blown away by the carpaccio so no regrets there from his perspective. We were also treated to some complementary salad, aubergine dip, and garlic bread, all of which whetted our appetite even more for the mains!


I can’t remember the name of the mocktail I had but it was delicious!

Now for the mains… The beauty of this restaurant is it’s not just a great place to eat, it’s the greatest place to have a dining experience. In this case, the chef cooks live at your table, and this is what we were looking forward to with the tomahawk. The chef had his own transportable cooking worktop, which he brought to our table side. We requested our meat medium rare, so first the steak was seared, then sliced and placed on a hot plate with butter, before being topped in a ‘salt bae’ style in salt, pepper and herbs. One bite and we were blown away. the meat was marbled in fat, which kept the steak slices tender and perfectly medium rare. Every bite, was tender and bursting with flavour, and the peppery creamy gravy was a great way to compliment the meat. Every bit of meat from the grill is also served with buttery potatoes and vegetables, which balanced the meal nicely and ensured I wasn’t totally sent into a meat induced coma! Although in all honesty, despite finishing every single bite, we didn’t feel gross after (just incredibly full!), as we knew and felt that we had just eaten a perfectly high quality bit of meat. 

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We were surprised when we received some complementary baklava with Turkish ice cream to round off our meal, which was again cut and presented at our table. This was delicious and probably the best I have tried, even better then that in Istanbul, as it wasn’t sickly sweet. I was told everything was made in house, from the baklava to the additional syrup they drizzle on top, which was really impressive. 


At the end of that massive meal, we paid around £85. This included a generous discount and complimentary starter and dessert. Despite involving a painful blow to our bank balance, we felt it was worth every single penny. We had one of the best dining experiences of 2018 here, and we had not one ounce of regret, except for the fact that this place was so far away from home that we would have to wait a long time before being able to sample their delights again! The service was amazing and all the staff were warm and welcoming. The chef and manager asked for our feedback and listened attentively to our suggestions. The quality of the meat served was unparalleled and the experience novel. What is more, is that for a new restaurant, everything ran incredibly smoothly, which isn’t normally the case for a restaurant trying to find it’s feet in an area already saturated with (not necessarily halal) quality eateries. I am actually shocked that we don’t already have something like this in London. Even Manchester has cottoned on to this novel way of dining and have opened Etci Mehmet which uses a similar concept of Turkish table-side food prep. Kassap puts Liverpool on the map now in terms of halal dining, so guys, if you are even in or around Liverpool, or have a special occasion coming up, I highly recommend forking out for a meal you won’t forget. What an end to the year.

Kassap Meat House
Address: 77 bold street, Liverpool, l1 4ez
Phone: 0151 709 2188
Website: Kassap.co.uk



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