Wing Shack Co.

Wing Shack Co. 7.8/10

FOOD: 7.8/10
SERVICE: 8.0/10

NOTE: All meat is halal but pork and alcohol is served.

Opened in 2017 by 3 friends, since Wing Shack Co. opened just over a year ago, I have been dying to try it, especially since my obsession with buffalo wings developed at around the same time! Unfortunately, ShakerFries was not sold on the idea of consuming wings for dinner, so I had to bring in the gang as reinforcement, who like me, were excited by the concept of Wing Shack.

There were 6 of us but Wing Shack has no booking policy, so I was slightly nervous to rock up to the restaurant on a Saturday evening. The restaurant is small, but brightly lit and decorated with graffiti and wooden benches. We were lucky to grab the last table and had a quick glance at the menu. WingShack Co specialises in chicken wings which are unique and which incorporate distinct flavours from around the world.

We ordered the Honey and Sesame, Jerk, Buffalo, and Southern fried chicken wings, along with a non-alcoholic fruit punch and a honeycomb milkshake. Issa went for a classic burger… not sure why but he’s always been an odd ball. The service was rapid and we received all our food within 10 or so minutes. My initial impression was that the wings themselves were a bit smaller than I was expecting and were not that meaty. Nonetheless I didn’t pass true judgement until I tasted them. In first place for me were the buffalo wings. Tangy, spicy and smothered over the thin, crispy batter which surrounded the succulent chicken. I found the blue cheese sauce to be strong and creamy which accompanied the tangy flavour of the wing sauce beautifully. My next favourite were the sesame and honey sauce, which were perfectly sweet with a hint of oriental flavours. I had high expectations for the Jerk chicken wings, and although they were spicy and BBQd I still felt they lacked a punch of flavour. The Southern wings were also not to my taste, and the batter needed a bit more salt and more spices in general.

Buffalo wings with blue cheese sauce
Jerk chicken wings
Honey and sesame wings
Classic cheese burger

The fries with buffalo and blue cheese sauce topping was a nice touch to the meal, and I almost finished these by myself! According to Issa, the cheese burger was ‘alright’. Make of that what you will… 

The drinks were both insanely good and came in a generous portion. The honeycomb milkshake had a strong vanilla taste and was unlike any milkshake I had previously tasted, with crunchy bits of honeycomb. The fruit punch was also refreshing and sweet, and contained orange, pineapple, passion fruit, guanabana, lychee and many more fruits.


Overall, I loved my food, especially the buffalo wings, and I will return for these alone. Despite my initial reservations over the size of the wings, the meat quality was excellent and I loved the tenderness of the chicken. The price was reasonable, at £6 for 6 wings and £11 for 12. The service was great, the staff were extra friendly and I was happy with the fact that they kept checking in to see if we needed anything else. I would highly recommend this place for dinner or lunch, as it has a buzzing atmosphere and great food that isn’t stodgy and heavy, but still leaves you content. 

Wing Shack Co,
Address: 240 High Rd, Loughton IG10 1HA
Phone: 020 8508 5559

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