Brunching it @ Bake St

Bake street 8.5/10

FOOD: 8.5/10





After viewing so many blogger’s ‘yolk porn’ photos from halal eatery Bake Street, I had wanted to visit. I love brunch. I’m just a just a brunch kind of girl, and everything about Bake street had my name all over it. Bake street is an independent coffee shop serving an extensive selection of teas, breakfast and lunches. They also have a daily counter selection of delicious in-house bakes, and most of their ingredients are fresh and locally sourced, which I really respect.  After a couple of failed attempts, my family and I finally made it to the bustling cafe in the heart of Stokie, and I couldn’t wait to sink my teeth into what was on offer.



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The tiny cafe was so packed we were lucky to get a table, and we ordered pretty much straight away. I already knew what was on the menu. all four of us wanted to try the fried chicken bene, as nowhere else offers such a novel concept (well, at least not a halal version). This consisted of poached eggs, fried chicken, salsa, hollandaise, and sriracha mayo. Another thing I was waiting to try were their pancake stack, as I knew they regularly changed their specials. This time on the menu, the pancake special was hazelnut and praline, which was a combo that nobody could say no to! There were apparently only 2 portions left in the kitchen and we were lucky enough to nab one of them. 

The four of us shared 2 portions of the fried chicken eggs benedict as well as at the pancake stack. Although initially I thought it wouldn’t be enough, in hindsight I would say my hunger was definitely satisfied in the end (the fried chicken is heavier on the stomach than you initially think it will be). The actual combination of flavours blew my mind. the crunch of the peppery fried chicken batter with the spicy kick from the salsa and sriracha mayo was beautiful, and the chicken itself was tender. There were such a great overall burst of flavours from the entire dish that it left you wanting more, and all of this on top of the bread made this dish wholesome and filling.


The pancake stack was a generous portion too. Luckily the maple syrup was served on the side and we weren’t overly generous when drizzling it all over our pancakes, as they were sweet enough already, and were topped in a rich, nutty, chocolatey mess. They were soft, fluffy, and the perfect thickness. In all honesty, I could have had just this alone and been satisfied.


The bill came to just over £40 to feed 4 people. Bearing in mind we basically shared 3 main dishes across 4 of us, this could be considered a bit pricey for brunch, but I would say it’s worth it. Although the cafe itself is simple and modest looking, I would say Bake street serves up one of the best halal brunches in London, and what’s more is that we have barely scratched the surface, as their brunch menu is actually very extensive. I actually can’t wait to visit again!

Bake Street
Address: 58 Evering Rd, London N16 7SR
Phone: 020 7683 7177

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