12 Top eats in Copenhagen

I’m not going to lie.. this post is an amalgamation of the experiences of my friend, Hudz and I. Both of us were in Copenhagen at the same time for work, however he got to sample more of the halal eateries than me, as I was locked in an office working for 3 days. Nonetheless, I did manage to make the most of my first and last day in Copenhagen, and had 2/3 fantastic meals. Here’s what WE found Copenhagen had to offer in the way of halal food.

1. Shakedown

I know what you’re thinking. You go to Copenhagen and the first thing you eat is ANOTHER BURGER?! Yeah it’s fair to judge me, however I don’t regret visiting Shakedown in the slightest. I went for 2 sliders: one chicken with avocado and salsa, and one beef with blue cheese, mushrooms and some crispy beef bacon. We also ordered a starters portion of chicken wings, onion rings and jalapeno and cheese dippers, and I ordered a Daim and caramel shake. The starters were good. The chicken wings were well seasoned however were TINY and I am not exagerrating. I would definitely have liked to see more meat on the chicken. I did enjoy these nonetheless. 

The sliders were both incredible. Encased in a soft and fluffy brioche bun, the chicken breast and beef patty was tender and the flavours in both burgers were unique and satisfying. The beef bacon was SO CRISPY which you don’t really find in the UK. It was definitely the shake which stole the show as it was creamy and not sickly sweet, and I felt for the size of the glass this shake was excellent value for money!


2. Amessi

Amessi is a restaurant located in the Inner Vesterbro district in the heart of Copenhagen. It serves up a mixture of halal Italian and French cuisine, from pizza to pasta and chateaubriand. The Steak was cooked medium and was a generous portion. It was accompanied by a creamy mushroom sauce. I would recommend visiting for brunch or dinner!



MADO is a great place to go if you’re stuck one day and need a safe choice. Serving up some great Turkish food and desserts, I visited recently when in Istanbul where there is a Mado on every street corner. Hudz was very impressed with their selection and went for the mixed grill and pasta. I personally would go here for a sweet treat like kunefe and a cup of tea 🙂


4. Miklagaard Steakhouse

Miklagaard is a hidden gem and is a halal steakhouse situated in Copenhagen’s North West area around the area of Nørrebro (note that they do serve alcohol). Hudz ordered the lasagne but it had a tad too much tomato. The steaks are worth trying here though, as the meat is of a high quality and the steaks are are tender and flavoursome. 


5. Burgerklubben

Burgerklubben is another halal burger joint located on the outskirts of the Nørrebro district which also has a larger vegetarian and vegan selection. This place was on par with Shakedown, with an extensive menu and reasonable prices. The meat was melt in your mouth tasty and the curly fries were cooked just right. 

6. Hooked

Granted, I was stuck in the office for most of my trip, but I was determined not to let that stop me from trying new things. 

After touring Copenhagen’s food markets and festivals with their popular food truck, the three guys behind Hooked opened their own fast-food restaurant right in the beating heart of Nørrebro in the summer of 2017. Here, you can indulge in a seriously good lobster roll, fish burgers, poke bowls, fish and chips, and other dishes perfect for an informal hangout with friends.

As I couldn’t visit the restaurant, I was glad that Hudz helped me to discover the Wolt app, which like Deliveroo, allowed us to order straight to our hotel/office within the hour. I went for Hooked after hearing a lot about their lobster rolls on Instagram, and I must say they didn’t disappoint. The American lobster roll was smaller than I expected but bursting with flavour. The chips were different from your average as they were crispier (I suspect double fried) and also tangy from the vinegar which I loved! Despite me having my initial reservations due to the portion size, I was full after. 


7. Liban Cuisine

A lot of people recommended Liban Cuisine to me, again for burgers/steaks. I unfortunately didn’t get around to dining here but Hudz wasn’t too impressed after ordering his deluxe burger. The burger was average tasting and messy to eat, although the meat was tender and cooked to a perfect medium. Overall, Hudz much preferred our dining experience at Shakedown

8. Cantina

My work colleagues and I were heading to Woo Wok, a halal Thai restaurant, when much to my disappointment the taxi driver claimed he could take us to an ‘amazing sushi restaurant’ instead. He turned the taxi around, and by the time we realised this recommended restaurant was fully booked, it was too late to turn around again. And so we stumbled around the streets until we found Cantina.

Cantina is an Italian restaurant with a great evening ambience. It doesn’t have an extensive menu and unfortunately serves pork and alcohol, but I still managed to find some tasty looking dishes which I could order. I went for the risotto balls (I clarified there was no alcohol in this), Broccolini and some fried haddock with chilli mayo dip and grilled courgette starters. These filled me up and I was pleased enough! 


9. Juno the bakery

I had read a lot about Juno the bakery before my visit to Copenhagen, and was aware that one of the best things about visiting Denmark would be the delicious pastries and cookies. Although I had to take a 20minute taxi from my hotel to reach this tiny bakery, I  was really pleased with the rose and pistachio Danish I received for my efforts. The flaked almond pastry  was equally delicious and was worth queuing for. Although pricier than your average pastry, this was certainly worth it!


10.  Leckerbaer

Another hidden gem in Copenhagen is Leckerbaer. Leckerbaer is a gourmet cookie, pastry and coffee shop in the Østerbro district of Copenhagen. The couple behind the sweets are Michelin chefs Jakob Mogensen and Gabi Bär Mogensen.

Leckerbaer in Ryesgade street in Copenhagen tempts you with modern interpretations of Danish cake classics, pastries, New Yorker cookies, French choux and much more. The gourmet cookies cost DKK 15 each (around £1.50 each) which is a little pricey but worth every penny. You can also buy a box of eight, 12 or 16 cookies of your choice. The smallest box costs around DKK 100. In addition to cookies, you can also get cream puffs, cookies, caramels, muesli etc. I bought a box of 12 and my family loved them. it was the perfect gift and every cookie/pastry was so beautiful I felt awful biting into them!


11. Höst

H̦st is the ninth in the row of Cofoco (Copenhagen Food Consulting Рknown for its quality food and very reasonable prices) restaurants in Copenhagen, and is located in rooms distributed on ground floor and basement floor in the neighbourhood of Nansensgade, close to the Lakes in Copenhagen.

The rooms in this restaurant are decorated in a raw style with recycled wood, granite, concrete and zinc, while plaids and lambskin on chairs and benches make the atmosphere cozy and counterbalance the raw decor.

Höst has won two highly prestigious Restaurant & Bar Design Awards in London for its distinctive Nordic design created by Norm Architects, the design company Menu & Cofoco. At Höst you can enjoy three courses for DKK 295, and although the meat here isn’t halal, I managed to enjoy a 5-course menu created entirely from seafood/vegetarian options. If you don’t eat shellfish, a 3 and 5-course vegetarian menu is also available, and instead of wine pairing, you can request juice pairing with every course of your meal.

My experience dining here was INCREDIBLE. Although it felt bougie x1000 I enjoyed every second of it and was glad that my colleague essentially forced me into trying this place. I’m not going to lie, some of the courses weren’t to my taste, but the ones that were to my taste really made up for it. Also, there were ‘surprise’ course between our 5-courses, and so we ended up having a 7/8 course meal instead (including 3 desserts). One thing is for sure, Scandinavian food tastes entirely different to anything I have tried before and I really loved it. The one dish that stands out at Höst for me was the surprise mushroom soup course. I literally felt like the flavours from this creamy, rich soup were dancing on my tongue! I can’t describe it anymore than that. All I can say is try it! Reservation is needed!


12. Mad and Kaffe

After grazing on some pretty lame hotel breakfasts for 3 days, I got the change to grab one fantastic brunch before leaving Copenhagen at Mad and Kaffe. They have a couple of branches, and all the food on their seasonal menu is prepared daily using fresh ingredients. They have a breakfast card where you can put together your very own breakfast board from 18 different components ( I went for 5 items for 129DDK/£13). Again although not halal, there are TONS of vegetarian and seafood options available. I went for the mushroom and scrambled eggs, rye bread and sourdough bread with organic butter, smoked salmon from Daniel Letz with smoked cheese mayo, avocado, soya-baked almonds, herb hummus, ryebread crumble and dark chocolate brownie w. fresh berries and caramel sauce. Thankfully it was a weekday so there was no wait! Food was excellent. 


Other places to try (I didn’t get a chance to try these)

  • Woo Wok – Halal Thai
  • Ismageriet – Ice cream
  • Royal Bagel – Good for lunch
  • Frede of Vesters – omelettes
  • Cafe Phoenix – (Frederiksberg) for their sandwiches
  • Royal Smuchi cafe – open Nordic sandwiches
  • Lagkagehuset bakery (chain)
  • Skagen on Illum department store for open top sandwiches
  • Tight restaurant




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