Bun & Slice


Bun & Slice 8.5/10

FOOD: 8.5/10





Bun and Slice then on NYE. Not our typical choice of establishment for New Years but there were mitigating circumstances. 1. We had our ‘posh’ meal on Bold Street the other night when the reds twatted Arsenal and Mrs Plug took advantage of my good mood. 2. I thought it was a ‘proper’ restaurant, by that I mean make a booking, dine in etc. 3. We were with our fam from another mam – KOCakes, Oraby and Lil Zee hence on this occasion it was a family affair rather than one of them romantic ones. 4. Mrs Plug was pretty much a walking sick zombie so an early dinner and sleep was the motive and Bun and Slice would serve up the perfect comfort food.

First things first, due to the factors above, we pulled up to Bun + Slice around 6.30pm on NYE – from the outside it looked a nice shiny, bright, new, exciting establishment and it instantly drew me in. However, as we parked up and walked closer, it quickly dawned on me that this isn’t what I thought it was going to be. Peering through the window, I saw a couple of half booth half chair style tables and a counter much like you’d see in a chicken shop – oops- this is more a takeaway that has limited dine in tables and it’s so new that there isn’t even a menu up above the counter yet. Personally, I had no qualms about this, I don’t need a place to look like the Ritz – I’m here for the food. Luckily, the others didn’t really bat an eyelid so all was good. End of the day, it was brand new, clean, bright and had space to sit and eat – I’m fine with that.

Onto the menu, Burgers, Pizzas, Sides- ohhh now I get it – Burger Bun & Pizza Slice, cool that makes sense. I actually really liked the menu being like this as far too often its the same old buffalo wings and gourmet burgers at these places. In addition, it had a really cool concept where you can have stand alone burger, turn it into a meal or go further and get a premium combo (as above but 1 premium side too) and other combo’s too ie add milkshake etc. Which certainly made life simple for us so I was happy.

Orders, Never really thought about a gourmet burger mixed with pizza but since there were 4 of us, we decided to push the boat out. The easiest way to do this is to list the main items and give a summary on the stuff we ordered:

  • Half and Half Pizza – thin crust, half OTT (Tomato sauce, cheese, chicken, steak, beef & pepperoni) and half high steaks (Tomato sauce, cheese, steak, onions, peppers & portobello mushroom). Man I tell you what, I was not expecting a pizza of this quality, it was everything you want, cheesy, tasty, meaty, crispy and delicious – proper impressed.



  • Beef 101 burger (Beef, salad, onion, BS sauce & American cheese served in a brioche bun) premium combo with fries and sticky situation wings (I also added bacon). Honestly, I was made up with my choice and even happier with what I received. As you know, burgers isn’t something which is lacking in the Plug’s diet and by now we’ve covered enough to need something to be quite extra-ordinary to be considered anything more than average. Bun + Slice delivered the goods. Buns were large (preventing a gooey, dismantled mess), patty was cooked medium meaning tender with good texture and great flavour, spice and thickness – not like some gourmet burgers with massive mince chunks that makes you sick. Finally, the BS Sauce which was pretty much like a chilli mayo thing complimented it lovely. For the premium side, the wings were a total bonus. Wasn’t sure what to expect but they were fried hot wings with a spicy sauce which tasted great, was so chuffed with my meal. Not sure if it’s because upon seeing it’s more a takeaway my expectations went down, but from now on I don’t think I’ll come to Manchester ever again without stopping by here.



  • Threeway  (Beef, beef & beef, cheese, cheese & cheese, salad & BS sauce served in a brioche bun) premium combo with mozzarella bites – Man, this burger was built like Virgil Van Dijk – an absolute colossus, but Oraby aka Kobe needs his food to be able to shoot hoops. There was none left over and he didn’t say much whilst we were eating we basically means ‘leave me alone, I’m busy enjoying my food’


The girls also had a variation of our burgers and both were singing it’s praises which made it a full house of happy diners.

A quick note on the service and the brothers running the place. Subhanallah, friendly, humble and extra helpful. When an establishment really makes you feel valued, puts you at ease and has a genuinely pure and warm vibe about the place, it really makes you leave with a smile on your face and gives you the passion for the business where you wish them all the success in the world. A couple of stand out moments from my experience:

  • Clearly and happily answered all the questions I had about the sauces and size of portions etc where from past experience it would have been easy to brush off.
  • Caring about the kids – Massive plus here, since it was a new place just over a month old, Bun + Slice understandably haven’t got it all sussed yet with regards to the kids menu. However, the brother was more than happy to make a bespoke meal, offered a couple of options and continually checked everything was ok with multiple offers to change the food if Zee was finding it too herby or spicy. The chicken fillet was even cut up into strips – very thoughtful to help make feeding easier. The kids meal was even brought out as soon as it was ready as requested to avoid any hangryness. The absolute business,  10/10 there – great set of lads.
  • Little one but personally important to me on a principle basis – sauces- I hate having to request sauces when it’s so obvious sauces are always going to be needed wherever there are chips and more than that I absolutely hate having to pay for sauce even though it’s a nominal amount. Bun + Slice anticipated we would want sauce, asked what would hit the mark and then brought out an assortment of sauces, all home made, all delicious and all complimented the food. Since we were eating in, there was no charge which won them brownie points with me. Didn’t mention sauces above but tbh just try them all, the lads are doing absolute bits with them.

As you can tell I’m a big fan of this place – the only reason the service isn’t a 10/10 in the overall ratings is because the brother was a united fan so lose a point, but didn’t want to be too critical as his team are losing enough points as it is!

Finally a word on the price, pizza, 4 gourmet burger meals 2 with premium combo’s and a kids meal came to approx £53. You can look at this two ways, 1. £53 could be seen as a tad expensive for a place with the initial look of a takeaway/chicken shop vibe, but the right way to look at it is considering the quality of food being on par with an actual dedicated pizzeria and/or gourmet burger place, generous portions and the fact that our order was a little over the top, paying just over a tenner each is a snip for the satisfaction it gave- just think, you’d be dropping more per person in Nando’s hence a solid thumbs up from me on value for money.

It’s a shame this place is in Manchester tbh, as I know I will be craving it when I’m sat at home in London, but one things for sure, Archie’s ain’t the only burger place in town no more and I will defo be hitting it back up in May when the reds win the league – they allow red Pyro in their shop right? Allez Allez Allez.


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