Malaysian delights @ Melur

Melur 7.2/10

FOOD: 7.3/10


SERVICE: 7.5/10



After marriage, I must admit, mother-daughter time became virtually non-existent. In fact, I can’t remember the last time me ma and I had some time to catch up alone. I had a week off work, and spent most of those days at my parents mad house as they were celebrating Diwali. Mumzy had the whole week off too, so I made her promise to set aside a few hours on one of those days so I could treat her to lunch.

Being Singaporean, my mum has a palate for Far Eastern cuisine, specifically Malaysian, Singaporean and Indonesian cuisine. My palate has very much developed in the same way, and I find comfort in this type of cuisine over my own heritage Sindhi food. That’s why when I discovered Melur London which serves up authentic Malaysian and Indonesian Cuisine, I knew mum would love it! My mum is also vegetarian and they had tons of options.

She shrieked in excitement when we completed the 4 minute walk from Edgware Road tube station. The restaurant is downstairs and is very modest looking, but we were greeted with a smile and shown to our table immediately. Although it was Monday afternoon the restaurant was full of Indonesian and Malaysian families, which was a testament to what Melur London had to offer!

My mum saw a couple of bits on the menu that appeared to be non-vegetarian, but after having a natter in Malay with the owner, managed to get a vegetarian version of her favourite dishes made! In the end we opted for the roti canai, soft shell crab, and mixed satay for me. Mumzy ordered the gad gado (Indonesian salad with Peanut Sauce), the vegetarian char kway teow (stir fried rice cake strips), and kangkung without the shrimp paste (water spinach). 

To drink I went for the ice Milo which is something made available practically everywhere in Singapore (even McDonalds)! Mum went for the cendol (green rice flour jelly, coconut milk and palm sugar syrup). Both were sweet, cold and refreshing!


The roti canai was a generous portion for £5.00, and in all honesty I would have been full with this alone as it included 2 massive rotis! The canai had the perfect amount of spice and a fragrant curry taste, which warmed me up! It was certainly on par if not better than the roti canai I had tried from Roti King and Rasasayang. The mixed satay sticks were tender, but not as flavoursome as some I had tried previously. Nonetheless, they had a charred  BBQ taste and I enjoyed them! The soft shell crab was the winner for me. It was crisp, salty and meaty, and I loved the taste of the flaked almonds. It reminded me of the soft shell crab I had tried at Yauatcha, and I demolished this dish! 



The other pleasant surprise for me was the Kangkung vegetables. It wasn’t much to look at, but the burst of flavour packed into these veggies was insane! My mum was also blown away by the authenticity of this dish. The char kway teow was also a wholesome dish packed full of fragrant flavours. The gado gado was probably the least impressive. It tasted decent, but we are used to the cold version which you find in indonesia. This gado gado was more of a hot dish than a salad.


Overall, the service was amazing. I was surprised at how accommodating the staff were and they were very attentive. The food was a little pricey (>£55) for lunch, but we did order a number of dishes, and considering how authentic the food was I was happy to pay that amount. The only pitfall (if I was being pedantic), was that the range of available dishes wasn’t as extensive as those that you would perhaps find at Rasasayang, but going on quality, I think Melur takes 1st prize. If you are after some good quality, authentic Malaysian and Indonesian food, I would certainly recommend Melur. This is a warm, family run restaurant which has a lot to offer. In a place where this type of cuisine is hard to come by, it’s worth paying a bit more to get a taste of the far East.

Melur London
Address: 175A Edgware Rd, Paddington, London W2 1ET
Phone: 020 7706 8083

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