Fatt Pundit

Fatt Pundit 8.2/10

FOOD: 8/10


SERVICE: 8.4/10



There’s no doubt about it, Fatt Pundit has caused a massive stir since its opening in Soho earlier this year. Originating from Kolkata, this unique cuisine was invented when the Hakka people migrated to India from the Chinese province of Canton, bringing with them their culinary treasures. Incorporating traditional Chinese cooking techniques with the spices of India to create something both new yet familiar, Indo Chinese cuisine is now an integral part of Indian cuisine. It encompasses flavours from Tibet, Nepal and Bhutan and quite literally has delivered the taste to Tanga right to our doorstep. I have always loved this cuisine as it mixes the flavours of my roots and heritage together beautifully. I have always had a palate for both cuisines which is why I love places like Imperial Lounge and The Ravensbury so much. For these reasons, I had semi-high expectations leading up to our experience at Fatt Pundit.

I managed to secure the company of the beautiful MunchingMedic, along with a generous 30% off the total bill using a FEEDtheLion voucher. I was already winning at this point! Located a few minutes walk from Tottenham court road, the restaurant was still quiet at 6pm. The waiters were incredibly attentive upon our arrival and this was echoed throughout our entire visit, where tap water was constantly being filled, and the menu was explained with popular dishes highlighted to us when we asked.

Between the two of us we ordered: chicken and beef momos, crackling spinach, sea bream curry with steamed rice and lamb chops. To drink we got the mango szechuan rush and the guava chilli sour mocktails. 

The momos (steamed dumplings) were a fantastic way to kick off our meal. It was the first time I had tried them, and they had a ‘skin’ much thicker to a dim sum which was interesting. These little dumpling pockets were bursting with flavour, but there was no doubt about it, the beef momos stole the show over the chicken. The flavours were just that much more pleasing to the palate and the meat seemed to melt in your mouth making it a clear winner. 


I didn’t know what to expect when we received the crackling spinach as I only agreed to order it when it was recommended to us by the waiter. This was a light, cold dish and I could see after one bite why it was such a hit with people. The spinach looked baked and was just shy of being crunchy, but was topped in a chaat-like masala. The sweet and sourness of the date sauce and pomegranate really came through. I loved this! 


We ordered the sea bream curry as a mains to take a step away from the meat dishes. This curry stir fried sea bream curry was served with fresh Coconut, turmeric, and curry leaves. It reminded me of a Goan curry: thick, creamy and fragrant. I loved this dish even more when TheMunchingMedic asked for some fresh lime. We squeezed this on top the curry, mixed it in with the rice, and witnessed a complete lift in all the flavours in the curry. The zing really gave it a great kick. The fish itself was tender and tasty and went beautifully with the curry sauce. I can’t recommend this dish enough.



Let’s move on to the clear winner, which is the barrah lamb chops which was coated in a stone flower masala rub, and really was charred to perfection. Despite initially being put off by only 2 chops in a portion, these chops were enormous and meaty. My next worry was that they would be chewy but the meat was so soft and tender, and the masala was insanely beautiful. Both of us ate in silence as we appreciated the rush of flavours from this dish. I have heard other people refer to the chips as standard, and as someone who samples lamb chops in every establishment I have been to, I must say I couldn’t disagree more. On our particular visit, the lamb chops stole the show, and both of us agreed they were pretty awesome. If I were to visit again, I would probably also try the lollipop chicken, as this is also known to be a hit with people who visit Fatt Pundit. 



The last thing to comment on is the novelty of the mocktails. I’m not going to lie, I usually don’t order mocktails, as they are usually just infused with a bunch of sugar syrup and lemonade, but the flavour combinations on this particular menu caught my eye. I love mango and so was intrigued by the promised spicy kick to this drink. I must say it was delicious. If you want a sour/spicy kick, I would opt for the guava drink instead. 


The portion sizes were just right and we didn’t feel that we under or over ordered. We left with our bellies satisfied. I was happy with the service, and the waiters really hold a lot of knowledge about how the dishes are put together and seem really passionate and invested in what the restaurant has to offer. We paid £45 or so with our 30% off, so on a normal day it would be pricey, but coupled with the novelty and taste of the food, the location and the attentive staff I would probably still visit again and pay full price. If you haven’t been here already, I highly recommend you visit. 

Fatt Pundit
Address: 77 Berwick St, Soho, London W1F 8TH
Phone: 020 7287 7900
Website: fattpundit.co.uk


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