The Halal Scoop



Calling all local and home-run food businesses! 📢 Being a halal food blogger to me, means much more than visiting and reviewing restaurants. Over the last few years, many young muslims have invested their time and money starting up new businesses, whether its young men opening a new halal eatery, or young muslim women launching baking businesses from home. We recognise that there are many entrepreneurs out there, who want to showcase their talents and demonstrate to the public what they have to offer.

For this reason, we bring you ‘The Halal Scoop’, where you will be the first to get the inside story on how these young professionals started their business and what they have to offer you. For us to make this idea a reality, we are interested in interviewing and talking to young entrepreneurs about what their business and find out more about their work. This can be anything from home catering businesses’, to novel new food products, or new local restaurants.

So, do you run a business based around a novel food concept? Have you just opened a halal/vegetarian restaurant and want to spread the word? Have you launched a new food product? If you are interested in getting involved or know somebody who would like to chat to us about their product/restaurant please get in touch! This could be a great opportunity to promote your brand and get your name on the halal food map!